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EVP talks on school scenarios in the 21st century

Executive Vice President Dr. Carmelita Quebengco gave a talk on “School Leadership in the 21st Century” before an audience of school superintendents of 50 dioceses at the University of Regina Carmeli in Malolos, Bulacan. Her talk, given last September, was part of a series of lectures designed for the Superintendents’ Commission of the Catholic Educators’ Association of the Philippines.

Quebengco discussed world trends in the new millennium and the kind of education Catholic universities would implement considering the needs of the times.

Even if technology has a vital role in the delivery of education, Quebengco projected that “tertiary level schools in the 21st century will retain a community life on campus for the students.” She maintained that the campus would be valuable regardless of advances in technology because it has the better capacity to develop emotional intelligence. The campus provides for the development of programs which forge relationships and contacts, tap leadership potentials, and encourage creativity and initiative.

At the same time, Quebengco noted the changes in campus life in the future. She cited, among others, a greater coordination between industry and universities, giving more apprenticeship hours for students.

She added that another development would be coaching which would encourage students to “learn how to learn” and develop in them skills like creativity and resourcefulness.

In her lecture, Quebengco emphasized that knowledge would come from varied sources—industry, government, and communities—so that education in campuses would eventually have a totally different face.

Education in the 21st century for Catholic universities should develop in students a strong faith and reinforce values gained during early education, Quebengco said further. This way, students would know how to handle developments in science and in other fields, like genetic engineering and biotechnology and similar controversial issues.

La Salle information now available via text messaging

DLSU information on enrollment, special announcements, and entrance examination results are now available via text messaging.

The new service called the DLSU WISe (formerly known as DLSU Infotext) is available to Globe Telecom cellular phone users who woul like to get information on various DLSU-Manila and DLSU Professional Schools Inc. services.

To access information, just type the necessary keywords and/or parameters and then send it to cell phone number 2333.

For example, to find out if classes have been called off, just text in the keywords:


and send it to cell phone number 2333. In a few seconds, you will a receive a message similar to this:

Undergraduate classes for October 23, 2000 have been suspended as of 1650h.

*End of Query*

Another way to use this service is to check the availability of subjects during enrollment. Just text in the keyword DLSU SUBJ and the subject code and you will find out all the available sections and the number of students enrolled per section. To get more detailed information about a specific section just include the section after the subject code.

Receive: BUSORGA C31 #44; C32 #44; A51 #41; As of 1421h 10/05/2000
*End of Query*

Receive: BUSORGA A51 #41; MWF 1030-1130h, Rm M415. As of 1414h 10/05/2000
*End of Query*

Listed below are the available services and their corresponding keywords:

  • DLSU announcements (ex. class suspension)
  • DLSU contact numbers (tel. no., fax no., email)
  • Dial-up numbers for students
  • Dial-up numbers for faculty members
  • Information Technology Center contact numbers (tel. no., fax no., pager, email) DLSU ITC
  • Freshmen entrance exam information
  • Subject availability
    DLSU SUBJ subject code
  • Subject/section information
    DLSU SUBJ subject code section

Future Infotext services include

  • Fees payment balance (available on end of 2nd term)
  • Clearance required (available on end of 2nd term)
  • Course card distribution schedule (available on end of 2nd term)
  • Final examination schedule (available on end of 2nd term)
  • DLSU Internet account password (available on end of 2nd term)
  • Student activities/events (available on 3rd term)
  • UAAP game schedules/updates (available on 1st term, SY 2001-2002)

If you want to know the format and keywords for these services, simply send “DLSU HELP” or “DLSU KEYWORD” to cell phone number 2333.


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