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Singapore university boosts DLSU online learning
La Salle pilots Integrated Virtual Learning Environment as a teaching standard

De La Salle University-Manila was recently granted license to install and use a National University of Singapore-developed online learning system called the Integrated Virtual Learning Environment (IVLE). La Salle is only one of two universities in the country given the license.

IVLE is an online courseware management system designed to bring students and instructors of the university in a virtual learning environment. It provides the tools, resources, and techniques for student-instructor-communication, groups interaction, and interactive support.

Brother Mike Rapatan, FSC, Center for Educational Multimedia Director (CREM) director and IVLE project manager, said that IVLE is part of the University’s scheme to integrate technology in teaching. Brother Mike brokered the license agreement with the Centre for Instructional Technology of the National University of Singapore (NUS).

The IVLE allows teachers to enhance or complement their teaching by making courses available in cyberspace. Tools available include a course calendar, discussion forum, distribution list, lecture plan, chat room, and a frequently asked question-builder. Teachers can post their lesson plans, give and collect assignements online, provide links to relevant websites, and take tests online to test student learning.

Brother Mike pointed out that the IVLE allows teachers to contextualize lessons for enhanced learning and to recognize the different learning styles of students.

The IVLE is the fourth module in CREM’s training programs. Brother Mike revealed that some faculty may already be using IVLE, following the training in Module 4 of faculty members from different colleges. So far, CREM has trained the following faculty members: Fred Cabuang of CLA; Brother Joseph Scheiter, FSC and Lea Soriano, COS; Nenita Habulan, CED, Rummel Atienza, COE; and Susan Estanislao, CBE.

The IVLE, according to Brother Mike, provides ample opportunities for individual, asynchronous, and interactive learning. He further said negotiations with NUS are ongoing for La Salle to get access to courses taught in NUS as well as those taught in other IVLE-licensed universities in the US.

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