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Federation of Lasallian Institutions concretizes Synod mission

More than a year after members of the Lasallian family gathered together in one of the biggest events that called for the renewal of their commitment to the Lasallian Mission, the different La Salle schools in the Philippines have continued to be on the move to concretize what they vowed to do.

Through the recently established Federation of Lasallian Institutions (FLI)—composed of all member institutions directly and indirectly managed by the De La Salle Brothers Philippines—an accrediting body will be set up to formulate standards that hope to measure the effectivity of the accomplishment of the Mission Statement.

During the First Lasallian District Synod of the Philippines held in May 1999, members of the community renewed the Lasallian Mission, which is an answer to the challenge of creating a responsive, critical, and liberating educational system.

FLI aims to support the general direction of the District Synod as well as the apostolic plan of the District Chapter, and to preserve the charism of our Founder, St. John Baptist de La Salle. The Federation aims to transform La Salle educational institutions to be places where Christian maturity and vision are foremost and where the spirit of faith and zeal will be the guiding principles.

The Federation Board is composed of the Visitor as chairperson, the presidents of the Lasallian Institutions as vice chairpersons, and an executive director. The presidents of the Lasallian institutions currently refer to Brother Rafael Donato, FSC (DLS-Lipa), Brother Rolando Dizon, FSC (DLSU System), Brother Bernard Oca, FSC (La Salle GreenHills), Brother Augustine Boquer, FSC (University of St. La Salle), Brother Felipe Belleza, FSC (La Salle Academy), and Brother Benildo Feliciano, FSC (Immaculate Conception College-La Salle).

The presidents from three Luzon institutions will serve on a rotation basis as chair of the region for a term of 2 years eah. Members of the FLI Core Group are Brother Armin Luistro, FSC, Brother Narciso Erguiza, Jr. FSC, Brother Rafe, Brother Roly, Brother Bernie, and DLSU-Manila Executive Vice President Dr. Carmelita Quebengco.

The first FLI general assembly was held on July 14, 2000 at DLS-Lipa. Former Superior General Brother John Johnston, FSC delivered the keynote address. Brother John reiterated the challenge of living the Founder’s story in today’s world, that is, pursuing first and foremost the goal of education in the service of the poor. He elaborated on this mission extensively, discussing at length directions needed for the achievement of solidarity with the poor, education in social justice, advocacy for social change, and defense of the rights of children. Alongside this, he stressed the other half of the Lasallian charism, which is faith development through evangelization and pastoral ministries.

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