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La Salle mounts campaign for national recovery

In view of the national crisis brought about by the mounting controversies in Malacańang, members of the De La Salle University System last week showed a unified front as they called for the resignation of President Joseph Ejercito Estrada.

The call by the Lasallian community was voiced by DLSU System Brother Rolando Dizon, FSC in a forum titled “The Future of the Philippines under the Estrada Presidency” held at M. Gaerlan Conservatory last October 11.

Brother Arnould Reche, FSC
October 23 - Feastday of Blessed Brother Arnold Reche, FSC, Apostolic Ascetic
Brother Arnold once wrote: “I recommend to all of my brothers and sisters that they serve God faithfully. Granted, it is sometimes difficult to resist evil and remain virtuous. But with the grace of God that we obtain from prayer we can do anything. All we have to do is to will it.”

That was the secret of his life: he had willpower as a child, he had willpower as a young man, he would continue to have willpower as a religious educator for the rest of his life.

(From the book, Brother Arnold Reche, FSC by Luke Salm, FSC, published by Christian Brothers Publications, 1986).

Students and faculty who attended the forum listened to Professor Randy David of the University of the Philippines discuss the various charges lodged against the Estrada administration.

In his talk, David noted that the gravity of the charges against the Philippine President would provide sufficient basis for an impeachment case. “These accusations point not only to a violation of the law, but also to a perceived moral failing on the part of the highest official of the land, a betrayal of public trust. No public official since Marcos has ever been the object of such serious accusations,” David said.

However, the tedious and often stalled litigation process in the country would hardly result in the impeachment of the President, David pointed out. He underscored the power of a concerted resignation pressure from various sectors.

“Let me say I am convinced that the schools and universities must assume a big part of the job of sustaining momentum,” he said.

During the forum, Economics Department Chair Dr. Winfred Villamin delivered a talk on the economic implications of the jueteng scandal while Yuchengco Center for East Asia President Dr. Wilfido Villacorta discussed the political and social aspects of the issue.

The Center for Social Concern and Action (COSCA) and the Office of the President sponsored the forum. Coinciding with the forum was the drafting of a manifesto titled, A Call for Collective Action, by members of the faculty and administration.

(See the official DLSU statement)

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