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09 OCTOBER 2000. VOLUME 32. NUMBER 20. 4 PAGES_ 

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Deadline for URCO proposals

The University Research Coordination Office is now accepting proposals for research and materials development projects. Deadline is October 13. For forms, call URCO at loc. 164 or visit LS Mezz 154 or the DLSU intranet at http://intranet/misc/downloads/forms.

Math Clinic schedule

The DLSU Mathematics Department is offering free Math consultation to all La Salle students. Students may check the availability of faculty members and the complete schedule for this term at the Math Clinic, SJ-201.

Readers’ Guide now available at the University Library

The University Library has recently acquired the Readers’ Guide Full Text Mega Edition, a database containing comprehensive indexing and abstracting of the most popular general interest periodicals published in the US and Canada, plus the full text of selected periodicals.

This database can be accessed at the American Studies Resource Center (ASRC), which is located at the ground floor of the University Library. It was produced by H.W. Wilson Co. and delivered by the Public Affairs Section of the US Department.

Subjects covered in this online database are, among others: aeronautics, African-Americans, aging, astronomy, automobiles, biography, business, Canada, children, computers, consumer education, education, enviroment, film, foreign affairs, health, history, journalism, politics, religion, science, sports, and television.

For more information, contact Jocelyn Ladlad at local 625 or at

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