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02 OCTOBER 2000. VOLUME 32. NUMBER 19. 4 PAGES_ 

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At your service: The new sports complex clinic

The whitewashed room, smelling faintly of disinfectant, assures the ailing student, faculty, or administrative personnel that they are in the hands of an efficient and competent medical staff, with complete medical equipment and supplies at their disposal.

Located beside the swimming pool, the new clinic at the Brother Athanasius Sports Complex has been in operation since August. Two nurses, Norman Molano and Medel Besavilla, man it in shifts, from 7 in the morning until 9 at night.

Numbering on an average of 10 per week, most cases dealt there are caused by sports-related injuries, such as sprains and muscle cramps. However, there are also cases of asthma and epilepsy attacks, usually these are students who attend their physical education classes on the seventh to ninth floors.

Faculty and personnel from the Science and Technology Research Center (STRC) and the nearby Gokongwei Building also visit the clinic for minor ailments, like headache and fever, and blood pressure check-ups.

Aside from the sports complex clinic, there is a clinic at the main campus located at the ground floor of the Student Personnel Services (SPS) Building. Dr. Fernando Vicente heads the medical staff in both clinics.

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