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21 AUGUST 2000. VOLUME 32. NUMBER 13. 4 PAGES_ 

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Christmas Card Design Contest
As part of this year’s Christmas celebrations Lasallians are invited to join the Christmas Card Design Contest. 
Entries should represent the actual greeting card, 5”x7” folded size. Text may be incorporated into the cover and inside designs. Samples will be available at the CAO.
Deadline for submission of entries is 12 noon of September 9. 
The contest is open to bona fide students, faculty, and employees. Each entry may be submitted by an individual or by a team. Participants are limited to one entry each. The winner will receive the P8,000 grand prize.
The contest is jointly sponsred by the Culture and Arts Committee, Office of the Vice President for Academics, Cultural Arts Office, and the Marketing Communication Office. 
For more information, write: or

PE Sports Complex opens bookstore
Everyone is invited to visit the bookstore inside the Brother Athanasius Sports Complex. It covers a space of 350 sq. m., offers a wide array of magazines, paperbacks, and reference books, as well as office and school supplies. It also houses a coffee shop for more enjoyment of its customers .

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