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DLSU faculty among the world’s 100 famous contemporary theologians

Dr. Jose de Mesa of DLSU-Manila’s Religious Education Department has been listed among 100 famous contemporary theologians by Germany-based Missionswissenschaftliches Institut Missio, which undertook a worldwide inquiry on the situation of theology at the end of the 20th century.

In September 1999, the institute sent a questionnaire to those who have made it in the list of the world’s famous theologians, or individuals “who, through their work, had either left their imprint on the development of present-day theology or had received at least a certain degree of recognition in their respective contexts.” 

De Mesa’s response is included in the compilation of answers to the questionnaire released recently under the title, Theologie im III.Millennium—Quo Vadis?: Antworten der Theologen. Dokumentation einer Weltumfrage, by IKO-Verlag für Interkulturelle Kommunikation of Frankfurt. 

In his published response, De Mesa highlights the importance of human experience and culture in doing local theology today.

Dr. Professor Raul Fornet-Betancourt of Missio was the project editor. The book is Volume 7 of the series, Denktraditionen im Dialog: Studien zur Befreiung und Interkulturalität. 

The answers were also published in a 1999 special publication of the series Traditions in dialogue. Studies on interculturality by the same publishers. It was presented during the III. International Congress of Intercultural Philosophy, which took place in November 1999 in Aachen, Germany. 

In another development, the Jesuit Communications Foundation in cooperation with the East Asian Pastoral Institute (EAPI) finished last July the production of its fourth video on theological-pastoral topics, titled, “Doing Christology in Asia Today.” 

De Mesa, a systematic theologian, is featured in the video with his 50-minute lecture on the relationship between Christology and culture. Using the first disciples’ model of doing Christology, De Mesa illustrates possible ways of understanding and articulating the meaning of Jesus in the context of Asia today. 

A formal launch is being planned by the Jesuit Communications Foundation in the near future. Copies of the videos will be available in the Foundation’s office at the Sonolux Building, Ateneo de Manila University, Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City.

COE dean named president of national engineering organization

College of Engineering Dean Servillano Olaño, Jr. was elected President of the Philippine Association for Technological Education (PATE) during its National Convention held at the Holiday Plaza Hotel in Cebu City on July 27-29. Olaño stands as the fourth COE Dean to serve as PATE President, following the footsteps of Brother J. Benedict, FSC, Dean Emeritus Eduardo Gutierrez, and Dr. Angel Lazaro III. His term of office is 2000-2001.

As PATE President, Olaño envisions the organization “to serve its members in improving engineering education in the country.” PATE is a nationwide organization composed of more than a hundred engineering schools in the country. It conducts management trainings for administrators, computer literacy programs, and quality and productivity seminars nationwide. 

Among its major achievements is the institution of the program offering Master of Engineering Through the PATE Consortium, composed of DLSU-Manila, Adamson University, Mapua Institute of Technology, Technological University of the Philippines, and the University of Santo Tomas.

During the national convention, the DLSU delegation was composed of the Dean, Graduate Director Dr. Carlito Salazar (ChE), Vice Dean Efren dela Cruz, Dr. Aida Velasco (IE), Dr. Manuel Belino (ME), Dr. Felicito Caluyo (ECE), Ronaldo Gallardo (CE) and Nilo Bugtai (MEM). Velasco, Caluyo and Belino presented papers in line with convention’s theme: “Reengineering Engineering Education in the Era of Globalization”.

Velasco read her paper “Are We Ready to Reengineer Engineering Schools in the Philippines?” while Caluyo and Belino presented their papers titled “Technology, Innovation and R & D Management” and “Towards a World-class Engineering Ethics Education”, respectively.

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