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4 faculty strengthen DLSU-Manila research program

De La Salle University-Manila further underscored its support for research development by naming four new research faculty grantees for school year 2000-2001. These are Dr. Rose Marie Clemena of the Counselor Education Department, Dr. Wilfrido Villacorta and Dr. Francisco Magno of the Political Science Department, and Wilfredo Roehl Licuanan of the Biology Department.

Clemena’s paper, “Teacher Behaviors and Characteristics in Relation to Student Learning Outcomes: Validating An Innovative In-Service Teacher Education Model”, primarily aims to validate an in-service teacher development model exemplified by two components of the Innovative In-Service Teacher Education Program For Elementary School Teachers (IN-STEP FEST): teachers’ training and trainors’ training.

The overall merit of this study lies in its contribution to the meager body of research on teacher development in the Philippines. Validating the model proposed and implemented by IN-STEP FEST will, in particular, be valuable theoretically and empirically as it addresses the need for theory- and research-based in-service education programs.

Villacorta’s research is titled “Globalization and Development Alternatives for the Filipino in the 21st Century: Implications for Constitutional Reform”. The study is being done in response to moves to amend the Constitution for the purpose of making our economy more globally competitive.
La Salle rallies for peace

On the occasion of the 17th death anniversary of Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino, Jr., De La Salle University-Manila will join a concerted effort to call for the cessation of hostilities in Mindanao. Through the initiatives of the DLSU System and the Inter-University Caucus for Mindanao Peace and Development, a white rally for peace will be held today, 3:30-6:15 p.m. at the different campuses of member schools of the Inter-Institution Consortium.

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In his proposal, Villacorta noted that some of the statements for or against the constitutional change are emotionally charged or based on non-empirical arguments. It is time that a dispassionate and objective analysis be made on the subject of constitutional change in the name of global competitiveness.

Magno’s research, “NGOs and Forest Governance,” gives focus on the Philippine forestry sector, of which non-government organizations (NGOs) are being eyed to play an extensive role in the full-scale implementation of the Community-Based Forest Management Program. Magno points out that overlaying the expected roles with the actual strengths and capacities of existing NGOs would help determine potential constraints and shortcomings in NGO performance within the context of community forestry program implementation.

Licuanan is currently working on the “Establishment of a Monitoring and Assessment System on Coral Bleaching”. The project is part of a long-term research program to produce a detailed, spatially explicit assessment and monitoring of coral and coral reef distributions and the factors that affect their health. Such a monitoring systen is needed to better understand the factors that lead to coral bleaching in the Philippines, given the oceanographic features of its archipelagic reefs. 

It seeks to establish a national monitoring network on coral bleaching with emphasis on reef condition and monitoring, and to develop geographic information system-based risk and susceptibility assessment of bleaching in Philippine reefs based coral cover and diversity, sea-surface temperature, sedimentation, and various indices of potential human impacts. 

The research faculty position was established to encourage more faculty to do more relevant research. The research professors should have a full-time appointment, a rank of at leasr Associate Professor, a Ph.D. holder, at least one year of teaching experience at DLSU-Manila, and a good track record in research. 

As research professors, they will be deloaded 6 units each tern for three successive terms, for a total of 18 units. Apart from this, they will also receive seed funding of up to P50,000 for their approved projects. 

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