Project Updates

3rd Term, AY 2009-2010

Systems Management and Services Section (SMS) / Systems Development and Standards Section (SDS)
  • SMS / SDS has completed the following projects in January:
    • The University Fellows web page
    • Co-academic personnel web profile to display staff data on the DLSU website (Alphabetical, by College, by Academic Department)
    • Submit abstract page for 1st Southeast Asian Network of Ergonomic Societies (SEANES) Conference website
    • Medical-Dental System Annual Physical Exam module
  • SMS / SDS is currently working on the following projects:
    • Document Ordering and Tracking System
    • Online Faculty Evaluation
    • Prepaid System
    • Online Service Request Monitoring
    • Human Capital Management
    • Transformative Learning Module Creation System
    • ITS-AMS Inventory System
    • Revision of Scholarship and Financial Assistance system
    • Oracle Financials – General Ledger module
    • Display of CAP data on the DLSU website
    • Conversion of Faculty Attendance Monitoring (FAM) database from Visual Foxpro to SQL Server
    • Revision of MyLasalle
    • Emeriti web page
    • Green & White online registration
Web Management and Documentation Section (WMD)
  • WMD has completed the following projects:
    • Digital Green Screen Deployment, Design and Programming – Regular and successful
    • Publishing of AVCAS Chronicles – Regular and successful
    • Conferences Web Sites Creation and Maintenance – Regular and successful
      1. Touch Point Conference 2010
      2. 1st Southeast Asia Network of Ergonomics Societies Conference (SEANES 2010)
    • ITS Downloadable/Fillable Forms Creation and Revision
      1. Computer Lab Management (CLM) Forms
      2. ITS Service Request Form (SRF)
  • WMD is currently working on the following projects:
    • Help Desk Email Announcements Repository at Intranet Site
    • DLSU Manila Web Site Redesign
    • Centennial Celebration Web Site Creation (
    • International Student Guide Web Site Creation(
    • External Relations Web Site Creation (separate from DLSU Site)
    • Virtual Tours for University Library
    • Process and general guidelines visuals for computer purchases
    • Print and web materials for WiFi guides
    • WMD Documentation Standards
    • ITS JDQS Revision
Technology Infrastructure and Assets Section (TIA)
  • TIA has deployed and configured the following equipments:
    • 25 units of new printers to the computer laboratories
    • 178/223 units of new computers to the following labs: G306, A1706, V211, GSB-RCBC, and Anook
    • 130 Aps
  • TIA has accomplished the following tasks:
    • The evaluation of wireless access points and wireless management software for the Technology-Enabled Learning Environment (TELE) project. The Purchase of equipment is now on process.
    • Firmware upgrade on all 100 HP access points
    • Old sets of equipment have been disposed to DLSP.
    • The Biometric System has been removed.
    • Replacement of broken chairs in the laboratories
    • Re-harnessing of IDFs and Switch Deployment has been done in most of the locations already.
  • TIA is currently working on the following projects:
    • Evaluation, testing and recommendation of VPN for its efficiency and security
    • MRF guidelines
    • Replacement of Open IDFs/cabinets
    • Updating of master inventory file to have an accurate count of PCs, printers and other hardware
    • Implementation of Core Switch Redundancy
    • Testing of all Huawei S3050 edge switches to check if the fiber backbones are working
    • Updating of Computer Laboratory Management web site, its policies and procedures
    • Evaluation of CIS System
    • Installation of intercom and local phones in all laboratories


Academic Year 2009-2010
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