Computer Lab Policies on Software Installation

Software to be Used for Regular Classes

To facilitate proper planning and allocation of computer laboratory resources, all colleges are urged to submit their requirements, generally, two weeks before the start of the term. Such requirements may include:

  1. Availability of Software (i.e., CD installer, license key, etc.)
  2. Accomplished SRF (Service Request Form) for software installation (i.e., new additional softwares, OS upgrade, etc.)

In connection with this, faculty members are urged to course their computer laboratory requirements through their respective Department Chairs for them to be notified of such requests.

Software to be Used for Special Classes and Reservations

Please allow 2-3 days grace period for software installation requests within the term. Computer lab availability needs to be verified first before the actual installation takes place. The following requirements are needed:

  1. Accomplished Computer Lab Reservation Form (Computer Lab Reservation Form)
  2. Software (i.e., CD installer, license key, etc.)
  3. Computer Lab Fee for reservations for special classes and/or non-computer lab classes
    (Computer Lab Reservation Guidelines)

Please take note that the ITS installs software duly licensed for DLSU use only. If you are not sure of the software package, please verify with your supplier or contact our Help Desk at local 316 or 466 or email them at

Thank you very much for your cooperation.