Implementing Guidelines of the Open Laboratory Policy

  1. The following computer laboratories shall observe the Open Laboratory Policy:
    G302A, G302B, G304A, G304B, G306A, G306B, G404, LS229, LS320, LS335, MSCL, V103, V301, V310 and Y602
  2. Open Laboratory Policy means ALL STUDENTS, regardless of course affiliation, can have access to the above-mentioned facilities during free time schedules.
  3. However, following the computer laboratory allocation mentioned, students belonging to a specific college will be given priority over another student from a different college if and only if there is a need to access special application software duly installed in the computer terminals in their designated computer laboratories.

  4. Sample case: There is an engineering student who needs to use Solidworks version 2010. Unfortunately, V301 is already filled with freeslotters consisting of several other COE, CLA, COB and SOE students. Since it is the only laboratory installed with the specified version of software the engineering student needs, the last non- COE student who entered the laboratory will be courteously requested to logout in favor of the student that needs to use Solidworks version 2010 PC terminal.*
    (This is similarly applicable to all Computer Labs mentioned.)

  5. Priority is also given to students if it is the time of the term for project submission.  Freeslotters from other colleges should be forewarned that only designated students assigned to the computer laboratories are allowed at this time to use the facility.

Your cooperation is highly appreciated. For your concerns, comments or suggestions, please send an email to