History of Computer Labs

- Bro. Ben (Bro. J. Benedict) assigned non-academic staff to manage the labs.
1982 Engr. Marte Montesclaros (a.k.a. MC), Coordinator, Computer Facilities & Operations (CFO) proposed the hiring of students as Student Consultants in the computer labs (PDP and Sharp MZ-80A). Mrs. Emma Teodoro was the CSC Executive Director.
1983 Apple II and Fujitsu Micro 16s were acquired. Mrs. Emma Teodoro was the CSC Executive Director.
SY 1985-86 The term, "Student Assistant," was put into effect. Mrs. Abadilla was the CSC Executive Director. 2nd term, Mrs. Abadilla told Engr. Montesclaros to appoint some SAs as Lab Heads.
SY 1986-87 Black Hole was organized as the CSC hardware group for PC maintenance. It only existed for three terms. 2nd term, the Central Committee was formed.
SY 1987-88 1st term (July), Mrs. Abadilla resigned as CSC Director. Mrs. Maxima O. Olympia was appointed as CSC Director.
SY 1988-89 2nd term (September, 1988), the Computer Laboratory Operations (CLO) office was created. Mr. Geraldo C. Dineros (Gerry) was appointed as Coordinator.
SY 1988-89 3rd term (February, 1989), Engr. Montesclaros took a leave. Engr. Kelsey Y. Hartigan Go was appointed as acting CFO Coordinator.
SY 1989-90 May of 1990, Mr. Dineros resigned as Coordinator.
SY 1998-99 3rd Term, Mr. Glen D. Bertulfo was appointed as the Acting CLO Coordinator replacing Mr. Nicasio M. Bonao who was appointed as CFO Coordinator.
SY 1999-2000

1st Term, Prepaid Printing Card was introduced to all the computer laboratories under ISTC.
SA Fiesta activity took place in December at William Shaw Little Theater. This showcased some of the SA's other talents in the performing arts aspect.

First batch of full time Computer Lab Assistants were hired as manpower support to Student Assistants. ISTC initially direct-hired three (3) personnel and later on hired additional contractual status personnel.

Computer Laboratory and Operations Information System was developed to keep track of information with regards to Student Assistants of computer laboratory in DLSU.

Computer Laboratory Operations (CLO) purchased four (4) 1,000-lumen multimedia projectors for the following computer labs: Ls229; G404; V103 and G302. This paved the way for the installation of Multimedia Projectors in the years to come.

G404 computer laboratory was renovated to provide a better set-up for faculty members and students. V301 was converted into a computer laboratory in response to the increasing integration of IT in engineering courses.