Guidelines for Scheduling Classes in Computer Laboratories

These guidelines are for those who are responsible for scheduling classes in computer laboratories (e.g. Vice Deans or Academic Assistants).

  1. This is the basic computer laboratory allocation by college and by laboratory.

    By College By Lab
    CCS: G302A, G302B, G304A, G304B, G306A, G306B, J212, L212 A1706: CED L229: COB, SOE, COS
    CLA: G404 G302A: CCS L320: COB, SOE
    CED: A1706 G302B: CCS L335: COB, SOE
    COB: L229, L320, L335, Y602 G304A: CCS MSCL: COS
    COE: G404, V103, V208A, V208B, V301, V310  G304B: CCS V103: COE
    COS:LS229, MSCL G306A: CCS V208A: COE (CAD classes)
    SOE: L229, L320, L335, Y602 G306B: CCS V208B: COE (CAD classes)
      G404: COE, CLA V301: COE
      J212: CCS V310: COE
      L212: CCS Y602: COB, SOE

  2. Maximum number of computers available for students:

    For students of all colleges:
    A1706: 44 units L229: 45 units
    G302A: 24 units L320: 39 units
    G302B: 24 units L335: 42 units
    G304A: 24 units MSCL: 34 units
    G304B: 42 units V103: 30 units
    G306A: 24 units V208A: 22 units
    G306B: 24 units V208B: 24 units
    G404: 50 units V301: 36 units
    J212: 20 units V310: 28 units
    L212: 18 units Y602: 41 units

  3. Laboratories can be made available from 0800H to 2100H. These laboratories are open depending on the class schedules and availability of student assistants.
  4. For classes that do not maximize laboratory use, available computers can be used by other students (for Internet access).
  5. The open lab policy is in effect only on certain labs that are not highly specialized. Such labs NOT under this policy are J212, V208A and V208B.

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