Computer Labortory Advisories

On the Use of My.Lasalle Accounts on Terminals

Access to the terminals in computer laboratories requires an active MLS account. 

  1. Type manila\<username> in User name field
  2. username = (your MLS User ID)
    example:  11000025

  3. Type password in Password field
    password = (your MLS password)
  4. Click the Options button
  5. Click drop down list and select MANILA in Log on to field
  6. Click the Ok button

Bringing in of Personal Belongings

Students are advised to bring only the items needed in their duly assigned terminals inside computer laboratoriess. These include their valuables such as jewelry, cell phones, wallets and handbags. Students with big bags are requested to leave their bags on the shelves.

As a precautionary measure, students are also advised to leave their valuable items in a more secure location before going to any computer laboratories to avoid theft.

Note: The student concerned is held responsible for his/her things left on the shelves.
Students with laptops or notebook computers are not allowed to enter the computer labs.

Students are not allowed to bring laptop computers inside computer labs. In cases where students need to use it for presentation purposes, they should ask permission from the Information Technology Services (ITS) Office before the day of the presentation.

Use of Cellphone in the Computer Labs

All cellphones must be in silent mode upon entering any computer laboratories. In cases where a student has to make or receive a phone call, he/she must step out the facility to avoid distracting other users in the lab.

Note: Charging of cellphone batteries is not allowed inside computer labs. An electrical load limit is being maintained inside the facility.

Saving or Downloading of Files in the Computer Labs

When downloading files from the Internet, MS Office, or other related files, please be informed that:

  1. In order to save files, students must login to the domain using their activated MLS  account. This will allow the studens to have an access to a network (personal) folder in drive (Z:\) that enables the saving of important files.
  2. Simply locate drive Z:\ in the “My Computer” folder and direct all savings and downloading activities there.