The ITS Office's Historical Background

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New MLS Menu Structure
The MLS menu was revised to help users easily locate the MLS facility they would like to use.

RELSFOR Online Registration
This facility allows students enrolled in RELSFOR to register online for the Community Service Deployment Center of their choice.

New Transcript of Records
The layout of the DLSU transcript of records was revised in coordination with the Office of the University Registrar (OUR). The revision came about due to the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) mandate that requires colleges and universities to use a standard transcript paper produced by the National Printing Office (NPO). The new transcript paper contains a number of security features making it difficult for counterfeiters to produce fake copies.

Password Anniversary Change
Upon log-in to their accounts, users who have not changed their passwords for the past 12-months will now be prompted to provide a new password before they can continue to the main page.

Online Flowchart
The course flowcharts used by the academic departments of the University to guide the students on what courses to take next was made available online with its web-based version.

Network-based IPS Deployment
The IT Center deployed a network-based Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) to protect the campus network from outside attacks or related activities that would lead to such attacks. ITC also deployed another unit to protect the critical infrastructure (e.g., servers) from internal threats and to prevent the campus network to be used as a launch pad for attacks to external networks. These were made part of the security infrastructure to further enhance the availability of computing resources for the academic community.

Deployment of 100 New Wireless Access Points
The IT Center recognized the fast-growing number of students and faculty members utilizing laptops and mobile devices with built-in wireless network adapters in connecting to the Internet. Due to this, another hundred units of Wireless Access Points were deployed all throughout the campus.

Deployment of 80 New Network Switches
To cater to the increasing requirement for network ports in offices, classrooms, and study areas, old Network Hubs were replaced with 80 new units of Layer 2 Network Switches. This highly contributed to the stability and reliability of the University's network infrastructure.

ITC Help Desk Web Site Redesign
The ITC-Computer Facilities Office, together with the ITC-Web Team, launched the new Help Desk web site with a range of new features intended to improve its operations in responding to the Lasallian community's growing demands for technical support.

The old web site's pages with low visit frequencies were eliminated to minimize clutter and maximize content relevance, resulting to a decrease from 300 pages to 100 useful pages. Right at the front door of the web site is an online service request portal wherein users can now make computer laboratory reservations, report computing problems, and easily access a service request form.

Balanced Deployment Study
The ITC-Quality Assurance Office (ITC-QAO) designed a methodology for implementing balanced deployment in the Math and Psychology Department. Part of the study's results is a survey instrument that will aid the IT Center in determining the printing and photocopying needs of particular offices within the University.

VCA Hiring, Promotion, Reclassification, and Permanency Processes Improvement
With the help of ITC-QAO, revisions were made by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academics on the forms used for hiring, promotion, reclassification, and permanency of DLSU-Manila faculty members. A procedure for monitoring the status of applications (i.e. for hiring, promotion, reclassification, permanence) was also created to improve the processes of the Office of the VCA.

URCO Process Review
The ITC-QAO conducted documentation, analysis, and streamlining on the University Research Coordination Office's Information System for its redesign.

MS Excel Training for OCCS
ITC-QAO helped the Office of Counseling and Career Services (OCCS) simplify its process monitoring and reporting practices by conducting a training on MS Excel.

Advanced Excel Computer Literacy Training for DLS-Zobel
ITC-QAO conducted an Advanced Excel Computer Literacy training to selected faculty members of the DLS-Zobel library.