The ITS Office's Historical Background

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Storage Area Network
To improve IT services and secure the database system, a Storage Area Network (SAN) Solution and branded servers were purchased in January. This is due mainly to the growing database requirements. These additional SAN Solution was expected to provide better IT infrastructure and services.

Veritas Software
In addition to the growing database, ITC-CFO acquired Veritas NetBackup Software. This software was expected to provide better back-up services and to make the back-up operations more efficient.

DLSU-Canlubang IT Set-up
The ITC gave assistance to DLSU-Canlubang in setting up their IT infrastructure for the school year 2003-2004.

Branded Computers
ITC purchased branded computers for all its servers and workstations for better availability of high-quality IT services and support.

State-of-the-Art Computer Lab
A new computer lab was set up in Yuchengco Building. This was another state-of-the-art facility which could benefit not only CED people, but other students as well. The room housed the latest model of PC for multimedia applications -- branded Pentium 4 units with high-end multimedia paraphernalia - not to mention the latest application software that complemented the hardware such as Macromedia and Adobe.

The Redesigned DLSU-Manila Web Site
The new DLSU-Manila web site was launched. This was the outcome of the use of active server pages (ASP) and Server Side Includes (SSI) technologies. The Web Development Team also employed dynamic formatting using cascading stylesheets (CSS). The new web site had dynamic and simplified navigational menus, accessible search engines, and up-to-date images. It also contained updated and comprehensive information about the different colleges and offices, and answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs). Flash animation was also one of its newest features.

My.LaSalle (MLS) Portal Improvements
The new interface of the My.LaSalle portal took shape. The maintenance of multiple static web pages was made easier through the use of ASP technology. This gave the Web Development Team more room to enhance its features as the need arises.

In the old portal, features were limited to clearance information, course schedule, e-mail, subject actual count and extra-curricular information system (XIS). With a more powerful server, the University Clearance system, online enlistment and enrolment, and grades query became part of the services offered. The portal also allowed faculty members to submit the final grading sheets for the courses they handled.

The log-in page was made accessible to the College of St. Benilde (CSB) students through their web site. This enabled them to access the Student Records Management system for their enrolment.

e-Quality Web Site
The e-Quality web site was completed and launched. It was designed as a portal of quality-related concepts, knowledge, tools, techniques, and practices. It was intended to provide information, learning, and positive thinking by emphasizing the Lasallian continuous improvement culture. The e-Quality web site aimed to increase the knowledge and understanding of the viewer on the different facets of quality.

DLSU-Canlubang Web Site
The DLSU-Canlubang web site was made accessible to those who would like to know more information about the newest member of the DLSU System. In the home page, one could find a description of the campus, the course offerings, the services and instructional materials.

Multimedia Bank Now Online
After more than a year since it was started, the Multimedia Bank (MMB) was made available to the public. The primary purpose of this site was to provide access to a database of images, audio, video and presentation files that may be searched by faculty and students alike. Files were categorized into stock photography, artworks, illustrations, sounds, videos, animations and presentations.

‘Pinas' Web Site
The ‘Pinas’ web site was launched after content reorganization and a major facelift. The Web Development Team designed the ‘Pinas’ web site to provide a preview on the rich resources of Filipino heritage available online. In addition, visitors could also request to add their web sites about the Philippines and based locally to make “Pinas, your gateway to Philippine information”.

Online Data Entry of Grades
Now, faculty could do away with scannable grading sheets to post grades. With MS Internet Explorer 5.5 or Netscape 4.6 running in a computer unit, a faculty member could enter students’ grades through his/her My.LaSalle (MLS) account. Through this added feature, the student could view how he/she faired in a subject sooner. It was initially made available to the College of Engineering (COE) and College of Liberal Arts (CLA) faculty for posting 2nd Term grades in School Year 2003-2004.

Faculty Query
The faculty link in the DLSU-Manila and DLS-PSI websites were enhanced with the addition of the faculty e-mail query facility. If a web visitor wishes to get in touch with a faculty in the University but does not know the full name or e-mail address of the faculty, he/she could just type the first name or surname, and select from the listing provided. The querying party would be asked to provide information regarding his/her full name, purpose/message and e-mail address. The message was automatically e-mailed to the particular faculty. Then the faculty could e-mail back the sender.

Minor Change in ITC Mission Statement
At the start of the school year 2003-2004, ITC's mission statement was changed to “Enable the University to achieve its mission-vision through its pervasive use of quality IT resources and services”. This was to establish awareness that ITC is an enabler that utilizes IT, and is not purely a technology provider. It is expected that ITC should enable its internal customers to do their jobs well and to increase their productivity, without doing their jobs for them.

Security System for All Computer Laboratories Handled by ITC
To enhance the security of computer laboratories managed by ITC as well as ITC offices, ITC implemented a door access system using biometrics technology. Access to these facilities would require a finger print and an ID or password authentication for additional security confirmation. Thus, the identity of the person who accessed the laboratory or office is captured by the security system. This would eliminate “inside job” theft theories and would give better security accountability and management.

Only authorized personnel had access to the laboratories or offices. Any unauthorized access to the security system were denied.

DLSU may claim, among other universities in the Philippines, to be the first to implement the biometrics technology in its computer laboratories and ITC offices for security purposes. A total of 21 doors access systems were installed.

New Internet Service Provider
On June, ITC contracted two Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to provide Internet access services. The ISPs are the Pacific Internet and Meridian Telecoms. These companies were reliable and had 24-hour service and monitoring supports. Their infrastructures were robust of which DLSU was guaranteed 99.95% internet access availability.

For School Year 2003-04, 7 x E1 Lines were acquired from these two ISPs to serve the DLSU System campuses. This approximately sums up to a bandwidth of 14 Mbps.

Network Expansion
ITC upgraded its network infrastructure by deploying additional switches and wireless access points, and completing structured cabling in the campus.

Online Payment Now Up
After more than a year of development and testing, the Online Payments System was finally launched. With the current system, the web applications could now support payments online. This facility would eventually be available to the Registrar’s Office online request for documents and in the Graduate School of Business’ tuition fee payments.

Oracle Payroll Check Writer
The check writer program of Oracle Financials Payroll module became operational. This module enabled the Accounting Office to print checks and store data relating to this activity, particularly the check number (which was not possible before) of the checks they issue everyday in the accounting database. With this, it would be easier for the Accounting Office personnel to generate reports on the checks they issue and eventually monitor them.

Student Financial Assistance (SFA) Update
The ProCOBOL program that allows data entry/update of scholars has been archived. A new program, which was developed using Oracle Developer Forms/Reports is now being used by the SFA Office. It added its capability to handle multiple donors for a particular scholar. As of School Year 2003-2004, the SFA Office already has 108 donors for 1266 scholars.

Expanded Library Portal System (LPS)
The Library Portal System was expanded to accommodate non-DLSU schools in its catalog search. On its third phase, LPS provided users a single interface to invoke the library web search of different schools and returned the results in a single integrated environment. Aside from the online catalogs of DLS System Schools (Manila, CSB, Dasma, HSC, and Zobel), the library holdings of UP Diliman, Ateneo, UST, and UA&P were now searchable using LPS.

New Library System Now Operational
The library system was migrated from T-series (formerly TINLIB) to Millennium. Innovative Interfaces, Inc. personnel coordinated with DLSU library and IT personnel in setting up the necessary hardware and software.

On August 11, 2003, e-Purse services became available for all full-time students of both DLS-Manila and DLS-PSI. Students enjoyed the benefits of electronic/cash less payments for small purchases in campus. At the moment, only transactions pertaining to the Office of the University Registrar were made available. Only P500 initial deposit was needed to activate the e-Purse service. This was later lowered to P100.