Importance of the Web in Information Dissemination

The number of offices and organizations within De La Salle University-Manila (DLSU-M) that use the Internet, or the Web, in information dissemination consistently rises. This is mainly due to the accessibility, accuracy and real-time delivery of information posted on the Web.

As the Web is a visual medium, miscommunication regarding important information within and among offices is minimized, if not totally eliminated, as opposed to word-of-mouth communication. Channels such as e-mails, mailing lists, chats, instant messengers, or news groups, also allow interaction among individuals despite geographic distance. This cuts down the need to meet frequently to discuss less important topics.

Administrators can also access records necessary in decision-making easily. Researchers or students who need various references in papers can also take advantage of linked words and images to additional data, not just within the DLSU-M web site, but to databases within the Web. These are in addition to search engines and frequently-asked questions (FAQs) that are readily-available. Obtainable data is not limited to text and images. It also includes sound, animation and digital video.

Most of the major DLSU-M web sites are equipped with local search engines which one can use to look for comprehensive information about certain topics. The Information Technology Services Office-Documentation Office (ITS-DOCU) creates and maintains most of the web sites of the offices and organizations within DLSU-M.

ITS-DOCU can post office forms making them easily available to users throughout the campus. Operation reference manuals such as handbooks, guidelines, policies, procedures, course syllabi can be set viewable to your office's members exclusively. For more information, you can e-mail the, call loc. 318 or visit Gokongwei Building Room 309.