Faculty Evaluation

Step-By-Step Guide on How to Accomplish the Online SELF-REPORT for FACULTY MEMBERS

  1. Log on to your [My.LaSalle Account] using the correct username and password.

  2. Upon logging in, a pop-up box will automatically appear on the page, containing the introduction and the important details about the online faculty evaluation.

  3. After reading, click the OK button. This will automatically close the box.

  4. When the box is closed, the Self-report for Faculty Members page will appear. This page contains the list of all courses/sections to be evaluated.

  5. Click on the course/section to begin the evaluation process.

  6. After clicking, the e-evaluation form will appear. The instruction on how to accomplish the e-evaluation form is found on top of the page.

  7. Read the items carefully. Make sure to understand each item before choosing an answer.

  8. Choose an answer by clicking on the response bubble of choice. Do these for ALL the items.

  9. Make sure to provide an answer for all items. Otherwise, the e-evaluation form cannot be submitted.

  10.   DO NOT stay too long on the page without performing any action. This will deactivate the session and the following message will appear on the page:

          Your session has been inactive for [XY] minutes.
          Please log in again to access this page.

  11.   After answering all the items, click the Submit button.

  12.   When the form has been submitted successfully, the page will automatically go back to the list of course/section that has not yet been evaluated.

  13.   Click on the course/section to begin another evaluation. Repeat the process as explained above.

  14.   If there is not enough time to evaluate all the course/subject on the list and you opt to accomplish the evaluation at a later time, click Home under the Main Menu to go back to the Main page. In the Main Page, click the Self-report for Faculty Members under the MLS PLUS.

Note: The online Self-report for Faculty Members can only be accessed through the following browsers:
         Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

For other inquiries, you may visit the Institutional Testing and Evaluation Office (ITEO) at the 4th Floor, Henry Sy Sr. Hall or contact them at 5244611 local 143 or 168