Technology Infrastructure Management Group


The ITC - Technology Infrastructure Management Group is responsible for the planning, improvement, implementation, and management of essential operations of the University's information technology infrastructure. TIM's services include the campus' computer laboratory management, network management, server management, and IT asset management.

TIM is also an operational support unit responsible for acquiring, implementing and managing information technology infrastructure requirements in campus. It focuses on the support for campus network connections, wide area networks, data center, network security, camplus wireless network, computing platforms, management of IT assets, and providing technical assistance to the offsite campuses for its IT resources.


Have a complete IT infrastructure with 99.9% annual uptime or better.


Core Purpose
  • Provide the IT infrastructure and support services to the University.

Quality Policy

  • At least 99.9% availability of computing resources and network infrastructure (maximum of 8.76 hours of annual unscheduled downtime)
  • At least 99.95% availability of Internet access (maximum of 4.38 hours of annual unscheduled downtime)
  • Utmost customer satisfaction (average customer satisfaction rating: ≥ 4.0)
  • Prompt/positive response to customers' requests
  • Continuous learning of advancements in technology
  • Immediate feedback to customers' requests
  • Continuous learning of advancements in technology and management skills


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Group Head
Noel C. Castillo

Server Management Section
Allan U. Tee, Section Head
Nicasio M. Bonao, Sr. Systems Administrator
Leo D. Magsisi, Sr. Systems Administrator
Mark John B. Esteban, Systems Administrator

Asset Management Section
Ma. Lourdes M. Ibay, Section Head
Paolo V. Pantig, Inventory Officer
Lloyd B. Saavedra, Inventory Officer

Computer Laboratories Management Section
Daisy T. Binuya, Section Head

Network Management Section
Vincent R. Begonia, Section Head
Delford S. Gamayo, Network Engineer

Contact Information

IT Center-Technology Infrastructure Management Group
Room 308 Gokongwei Hall
2401 Taft Avenue
1004 Manila, Philippines
Tel. Nos: (632) 526-4242 (direct line) or
(632) 524-4611 locals 316 and 466 (trunk line)
Fax no.: (632) 302-4234 locals 316 and 466