DLSU Intellectual Property Office

DIPOAs an Institution of higher learning, De La Salle University-Manila is committed to provide an atmosphere that supports the research and scholarly works of its faculty, students and staff.

The University acknowledges the necessity to provide policies to promote and encourage excellence, creativity and innovation in research and other scholarly works by identifying and protecting the rights of the University, its faculty, staff and students.

These policies are intended to provide the basic framework for the treatment by the University of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) . They are stated in broad terms in order for the details of the policies to evolve from their interpretation and application in individual cases. The policies are not meant to be mechanically applied, but should be interpreted in terms of two major concerns of the university. First, the university, as a resource of Church and State, is committed to the use of inventions and intellectual creations for the common good. Second, the university is committed to scholarship and individual academic freedom of its faculty to write and publish.



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