IP Advice

DIPO offers IP advises to the faculty, students, support staff, or any client, who have developed an innovation, formulated a product, or written a creative work on protecting their intellectual property.

IP Education

The DIPO conducts seminar-workshops on the basic intellectual property rights and hands-on training on patent searching.

   • Basic IP: This module discusses the different Intellectual Property Rights, their characteristics and descriptions. This enhances the capacity of researchers to identify potential IPs that can be generated, protected and registered.

Patent Search

The DIPO performs searches for a specific technology to establish its novelty, inventive step, and patentability. It can likewise perform state-of-art searches, which looks into existing patent and non-patent literature in a particular field of technology. This prevents ‘re-inventing the wheel’ thus saves the time, effort, and valuable resources of a researcher.

Patent Drafting

Once novelty and inventive step have been established by the patent search, the DIPO can assist in drafting the patent specifications of a given technology.

Assistance in IP Filing

The Intellectual Property Advocates under DIPO assist clients in filing the different kinds of IPs at the IPOPhl.

Innovation Development

The Innovations and technology office is open to collaborate with students and faculty with regards to their innovative idea development.