Lasallian Social Formation and Action Program


The Lasallian Social Formation and Action program (LSFA) is COSCA’s new program integrating the Social Formation and Volunteer Development Program (SFVDP) and the Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation Advocacy Program (JPICAP).¬† LSFA is COSCA’s concrete program addressing the University’s goal of “bridging faith and scholarship in the formation of all sectors” (DLSU Goal#1)

LSFA focuses on the promotion of Lasallian foundational values and principles. These principles serve as the basis for all DLSU-COSCA programs and initiatives on social formation, advocacy, community engagement, partnership and solidarity building.

The program’s specific objectives are as follows:
1. Provide orientation and formation training on Lasallian Social Formation anchored on the Lasallian Foundational Values and Principles(LRF, CST, LGP esp. the Principle of Lasallian Social Development, JPIC and ACH);

2. Promote Lasallian Volunteerism through organizing of Volunteer-Advocates Group (L.O.V.E.) and providing volunteering opportunities for DLSU Community (students, faculty/non-academic employees, alumni, parents and partners) and International Partners;

3. Promote Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation (JPIC) through advocacies on Children and Youth-at-Risk, Environment Protection, Poverty Reduction, Good Governance and Peace & Development; and

4. Establish Networks and Partnerships with social formation institutions and communities (church-based and non-religious institutions; local and international)


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