Support Programs

Resource Mobilization Program

Corollary to the vision of COSCA to be the forefront of social transformation and community engagement, dedicated to the integral development of Lasallians and partner organizations through responsible citizenship and empowerment of the marginalized sectors, COSCA's program on fund and resource mobilization is implemented to help sustain DLSU-COSCA's institutional programs and projects.

Initiatives for resource mobilization are implemented consistent with the efforts of developing and building partnerships and opportunities that will develop avenues for the La Sallian community to actively participate in the work for genuine social change alongside with the poor, oppressed, exploited and disadvantaged in Philippine society.

The resource mobilization efforts focuses on four major strategies namely: 1) Grant Solicitation , 2) Special Events Organizing, 3) Individual Donors, and 4) Project /Program Management utilizing a two-pronged approach to effectively respond to the needs and requirements of COSCA and its partner communities and organizations (includes local government units and people's organizations)

Community-based Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (CBDRRMP)

The LSFE subprogram on Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRRM) is a direct offshoot of the Typhoon Ondoy incident in 2009 wherein a number of COSCA partner communities asked for assistance in capacitating their local government units to build disaster resilient communities.

The COSCA DRRM initiative is currently focused on building the capacities of the local government units of Bagac (Bataan) and Lian (Batangas) and the establishment of the necessary DLSU systems and procedures in responding to the disaster needs of internal and external communities including psycho-social services.

The COSCA DRRM initiative is also providing assistance to DLSP in building their DRRM capacities as well as in coordinating the disaster relief efforts of all La Salle campuses.

System Information and Technology Development Program (SITDP)

The SITD program supports the two major programs in terms of data processing, technology development and social marketing needs. This is subsumed as a function of the Research and Advocacy sun-Program under the LSFEP. The program is in-charge of the following projects:

  1. Research – provides assistance in the development, implementation and maintenance of research studies;
  2. Documentation – provides assistance in documenting seminars and workshop proceedings;
  3. Database – provides assistance in managing the databank and website of the Center
  4. Publication – provides assistance in the development and production of publications, documents and written materials
  5. Theory Building – provides assistance in the data preparation, discussion and theorizing of relevant research study result