Teaching students, serving communities.

Service-learning is a teaching method that integrates meaningful service as a component of course content and delivery. It enhances student learning, address community needs and fosters collaboration between academic institutions and communities.

To integrate service-learning in your course:

  1. Review course learning objectives.
    Find objectives or topics in your syllabus that can be enhanced by community work or involvement.

  2. List service projects related to your course.
    Identify outputs, projects or services that students can provide for communities using the knowledge and skills learned from your course.

  3. Match projects with community need.
    Check our Community Engagement Projects and Partner Organizations and find a need you can address.

  4. Meet us.
    Bring your course syllabus, list of potential projects and list of potential community partners to COSCA’s Office and meet with our service-learning coordinator.
    You will be oriented on the schedules and succeeding steps in service-learning course implementation. You may email us at to set an appointment.