Programs and Services


  1. Compliance Review Programs
    • Internal process review
    • External regulators compliance review
    • Contracts and grants review

  2. Risk Management
    • University risk assessment
    • Security oversight
    • Insurance analysis

  3. Audit Program
    • Routinary audit review
    • Third party audit reports monitoring

  4. Conduct of Schools

  5. Compliance Register

  6. Contract Categorization

  7. Compliance Communications Programs
    • Coffee Talk
    • Dialogues and tie-ups with stakeholders
    • Compliance Hour


Risk Management

  • Coordinate efforts to regularly identify, analyze, address, review, and minimize risks within the University
  • Ensure that all significant risks within the University are identified, assessed and treated
  • Assign accountability to all staff for the management risks within the areas of their control>
  • Provide a commitment to staff to ensure that risk management is a core management capability


  • Help all administrative and operating units have their own written internal policies, procedures and guidelines>
  • Assess the effectiveness of internal policies, procedures and guidelines and make necessary recommendations for improvements
  • Monitor and identify both compliance and non-compliance with internal policies, procedures and guidelines, external party laws and regulations, and all agreements
  • Liaise with relevant external bodies and regulators on compliance matters
  • Cascade and equip all units in complying with all internal or external regulations or policies through the conduct of compliance-related training programs
  • Implement and monitor a feedback mechanism especially on compliance issues


  • Sufficiently provide complimentary financial audit services by assessing the effectiveness of internal controls, making the necessary recommendations for improvement and thorough implementation in a timely manner