Institutional Compliance

In line with its goal to review, monitor and identify both compliance and non-compliance with internal policies, procedures and guidelines, external party laws and regulations, and all agreements entered into by De La Salle University, the Compliance Office has been reviewing financial reports upon the request of offices, departments, and units within the University.

Thus, the following pre-requisite attachments have been identified to efficiently facilitate financial report review procedures of the Compliance Office:

  1. Financial report signed by Controller as reviewed
  2. Copy of MOA/Contract (if not previously provided)
  3. Statement of receipts and disbursements for the period (from Accounting Office)
  4. Subsidiary ledger of the project for the period (from Accounting Office)
  5. Summary of payment requisition slips
  6. Reconciliation of financial report and accounting records (from Accounting Office)

Upon receipt of the complete attachments, the Compliance Office will then conduct the review process as requested.