Online Learning

The Promise and Practice of Blended Learning

This is a one-day training workshop designed to provide participants with a sound pedagogical orientation in the practice of blended learning. Lecture presentations, and hands-on workshop will focus on the various teaching strategies and approaches appropriate for blended learning. The hands-on workshop will likewise guide participants in designing learning activities that will show the blending of classroom based-lessons with that of online. Emphasis is made on the synergy between pedagogy and technology.

Introduction to SAKAI Online Learning Management System

This training module focuses on the familiarity of the various instructional tools features and resources of SAKAI courseware. A hands-on workshop is carried out using the guided demonstration approach for the participants to have full understanding of the SAKAI online environment and acquire both pedagogical and technical skills in the delivery of hybrid courses.

Developing Learning Activities with Google Apps

This is a one-day training workshop designed to introduce the various online apps that will enhance delivery of instruction. The workshop will focus on the various applications of Google apps. The participants will explore the instructional value of Google apps in designing and developing learning activities.

Learning with Web 2.0

This is a one-day training workshop that will explore the instructional applications of Web 2.0. The program is designed to enhance teachers' skills in using these new and emerging technologies for classroom use.

Contemporary Pedagogy and Technology Training

Transformative Learning

This training module comes in three (3) parts that cover the various features of transformative learning in the context of Lasallian Core Curriculum. The focus is on the general process of designing a learning unit using Transformative Learning. The participants will also have a hands-on workshop with an online application for Transformative Learning design.

Rubrics and Authentic Assessment

This training module compares the traditional with authentic forms of assessment. Stress is made in the design and development of authentic assessment, its rationale, format and its various components. Participants will develop, present and evaluate a rubric in their course.

Basics of Test Construction

This training module covers the basics of test construction. It introduces guidelines in test construction anchored on the science of questioning. Hands-on workshop will engage participants to construct test questions on a particular lesson or unit.

The Twelve Virtues of a Lasallian Educator

This training module discusses the twelve virtues of a Lasallian educator as described by St. John Baptist De La Salle. Participants reflect on these virtues and how they can practice them in the university setting.

The Charism of Lasallian Education

This training module introduces the Lasallian pedagogy based on the works and writings of St. John Baptist de la Salle. A series of reflections engages participants to translate St. La Salle’s charism in their daily teaching and learning practices.

Effective PowerPoint in the Classroom

This training is about the effective application of the PowerPoint program in classroom teaching. Participants are expected to apply the basic design principles in the preparation of their PowerPoint presentation.

Digital Imaging (using Adobe Photoshop)

This is a one-day skill training workshop designed to enhance faculty participants' skills in creating and manipulating digital images for use in their interactive multimedia presentations. Participants will acquire the basic skills and techniques in the application of Adobe Photoshop software.

Basic Flash (using Adobe Flash)

This is a two-day training workshop designed to introduce the basic applications of Adobe Flash in preparing an interactive and dynamic content presentation. The hands-on workshop will guide participants in creating a short interactive presentation using simple animations and vector-based drawings.