The ASIST Portfolio


A novel and innovative computer video game that contains 3 mini-quests and 3 mini-games that lead to the main challege of building the ASEAN energy grid. As the player plays the game, he/she can get information about the 10 ASEAN countries, including playing the national anthems of the 10 ASEAN countries, viewing various ASEAN heritage sites, and reading important ASEAN documents.

Celebrating Life and Missions: The First 100 Years (1904-2004)

An info kiosk showing the rich history of the St. Paul of Chartres congregation's birth and growth in the Philippines as they celebrated their centennial year in the country.

Cloth Traditions Philippines

"Cloth Traditions Philippines" is an interactive CD-ROM about the textile and weaving heritage of the Philippines. The CD-ROM is currently on view and is part of the Textile Gallery Exhibition at the National Museum. The CD-ROM takes the user through a journey of the country's weaving styles from ancestral to Spanish colonial times. The CD-ROM showcases videos and simple simulation games illustrating the weaving processes.

De La Salle - His Life and Writings

"De La Salle - His Life and Writings" is a Lasallian Resource CD conceptualized by the La Sallian Animation and Formation Team of the Philippine District for use by various members and communities of the La Sallian Family. It is a rich interactive program that enables anyone interested in St. John Baptist de la Salle to know more about his life, works and writings. The program designed by CREM features the following sections: Commitment to Commitment - A short biography that narrates and explains how John Baptist de La Salle grew in his mission of educating the poor youth of his time. Steppingstones - A chronology that unfolds on a year-to-year sequence significant events in St. La Salle's life and in the world of his time. Day by Day with De La Salle - A compilation of short inspirational messages.

Diadems of Reflected Testimony

An interactive CD-ROM that unravel the multiple meanings of 23 architectural structures.

Pilipinong Kristiyanong Moralidad

"Pilipinong Kristiyanong Moralidad" is an interactive CD-ROM on the theme of Christian morality in the Philippines. The CD-ROM is a compilation of reading materials and case analyses developed by Dr. Eduardo Domingo, Religious Studies Department faculty, for the RELSTRI subject.

The Last Resort

"The Last Resort" is an interactive CD-ROM on the theme of sustainable development. The CD-ROM asks the user to rehabilitate a rundown beach resort located in Samal Island, off the coast of Davao. The user is challenged to make the resort fully operational while at the same time protecting the marine ecosystem and contributing to the economic well-being of the surrounding communities. In the course of the rehabilitation, the user encounters different decision questions and accesses data forms and videos showing key leaders in the community.

The Living Canopy

A multimedia interactive CD-ROM that covers the birth and growth of the Manila Archdiocese and its role throughout Philippine history. It covers five major topics: Offshoots, Symbiosis, Local Adaptations, Orders and Families, and Efflorescence. Enjoy navigating through the wealth of material reflecting the complex role of the Manila Archdiocese and its intertwined relationship with Philippine history in general.

Travel Pal

"Travel Pal" is an interactive CD-ROM designed for English language teachers using the communicative competence approach. The CD-ROM features ten dialogue situations involving a travel guide and a foreigner. The user is asked to evaluate the dialogues about different tourist spots in the Philippines. The user reviews feedback about the program and is asked to rewrite the dialogues.


Dr. Mike Rapatan


Dr. Nenita Habulan

Associate Director

Marites Isabedra


Teddy Morales

Graphic Artist

Francis Tisado

Laboratory Technician

Jerry Dimaranan

Junior Programmer

Terrence Esguerra

Senior Programmer