Office of the EVP for Finance-Controllership and Treasury

Opening of Accounts for UCPB ATM Debit Bills Facility


A. Without UCPB ATM Card

  1. Get UCPB Forms at the Finance & Accounting Office.
  2. Fill out the UCPB Forms based on the UCPB instructions attached.
  3. Submit the accomplished forms to the UCPB personnel stationed at the Finance & Accounting Office.
  4. Pay the initial deposit of P1000.00 to the Finance & Accounting Office.
  5. Get duplicate copy of the Deposit Slip from the Finance & Accounting Office.
  6. After five (5) banking days from the date of submission of accomplished UCPB Forms, you can proceed to UCPB Vito Cruz Branch to get the ATM card.
  7. Present DLSU ID card for verification.
  8. Key in your PIN (Personal Identification Number).
  9. Get UCPB ATM Card.

B. With UCPB ATM Card

  1. Get UCPB Debit Bills Payment Enrollment Form.
  2. Fill out UCPB Debit Bills Enrollment Form based on UCPB instructions attached.
  3. Submit accomplished UCPB Debit Bills Enrollment to Finance & Accounting Office.


  • You must personally accomplish the UCPB Forms.
  • The maintaining balance for a UCPB savings account is P1000.00.
  • The initial ATM Card Application is free. In case of loss, students are required to pay P50.00 for replacement fee.
  • Only UCPB ATM card opened exclusively in your behalf will be honored by this facility. UCPB ATM cards belonging to your parents, brothers, sisters or relatives will not be honored.