Poverty in the Philippines

Definition:"Refers to the condition, in which the basic needs of human beings are not being met and people lack the necessary food, clothing, or shelter to survive, can be distinguished from relative poverty, which has been defined as the inability of a citizen to participate fully in economic terms in the society in which he or she lives."

Local Sites:

Analyzing the Impact of Philippine Tariff Reform on Unemployment, Distribution, and Poverty Using CGE-Micro simulation Approach
[Retrieved June 26, 2007]

"Examines the effects of the reduction in tariff rates in the Philippines from 1994 to 2000 on unemployment, distribution and poverty using a CGE-micro simulation approaches wherein the representative household assumption in the traditional CGE modeling is replaced with individual households."

Aquaculture & Poverty - A Case Study of Five Coastal Communities in the Philippines
[Retrieved June 28, 2007]

"Analyzes the quantitative and qualitative levels and determinants of poverty and inequality in a surveyed community."

Human Resource Development and Poverty in the Philippines
[Retrieved June 25, 2007:]

"Operates within the premise that poverty incidence can be affected in two ways: first by improving educational service to increase the productive potential of marginalized sectors and second by providing employment and income opportunities for the poor to afford quality education in order to compete in the labor markets."

Impact of Agrarian Reform on Poverty
[Retrieved June 26, 2007]

"Assesses the impact of the agrarian reform program on poverty."

Land Issues in Poverty Reduction Strategies and the Development Agenda: Philippines
[Retrieved June 26, 2007]

"Discusses critical land issues in the Philippines and assesses the integration of those issues in the national development agenda and poverty reduction strategies."

Micro Interventions for Poverty Alleviation: The Philippine Case
[Retrieved June 26, 2007]

"Reviews frameworks for analyzing poverty alleviation initiatives."

The Philippines in the Global Trading Environment: Looking Back and the Road Ahead
[Retrieved June 25, 2007]

"Argues that the effect of international trade on the country�s economic growth depends largely on how much of that trade is linked to the domestic economic activity."

Population and Poverty: A Review of the Links, Evidence and Implications for the Philippines
[Retrieved June 26, 2007]

"Reviews the literature and evidence on the population and poverty nexus."

Micro Interventions for Poverty Alleviation: The Philippine Case
[Retrieved June 25, 2007]

"Indicates that, in the case of the Philippines, the larger number of children among the poor is more the result of poorer contractive practice rather than higher demand."

The Poverty Fight: Have We Made an Impact?
[Retrieved June 26, 2007]

"Examines the performance of the Philippines with respect to the fight against poverty."

Foreign Sites:

Causes of Poverty in the Philippines
[Retrieved June 29, 2007]

"Discusses seven additional themes seen to be direct causes of poverty in the Philippines."

Conflict Management as an ADB Poverty Reduction Strategy: A Role for NGO's Case Study of Mindanao, Philippines
[Retrieved June 28, 2007]

"Discusses the responsibility of the multilateral financing institutions, particularly the Asian Development Bank (ADB), for dealing more directly and preventively with protracted social conflict as a poverty reduction strategy."

Doha Scenarios, Trade Reforms, and Poverty in the Philippines: A CGE analysis
[Retrieved June 28, 2007]

"Examines possible impact of Doha agreement on Philippine poverty."

The MDGs and Exit Time: The case of the Philippines
[Retrieved June 27, 2007]

"Evaluates whether the Philippines will be able to halve the incidence of poverty between 1990 and 2015."

Inequality and the Dynamics of Poverty and Growth
[Retrieved June 28, 2007]

"Models the dynamic interactions between growth and distribution in the analysis of the behavior of poverty over time.

The Interface between Poverty and Protection: The Challenge in Integrated Natural Resource Management
[Retrieved June 28, 2007]

"Reviews the development of an approach to integrate biodiversity conservation and agro forestry development through the active involvement of communities."

Poverty, Vulnerability and Family Size: Evidence from the Philippines
[Retrieved June 28, 2007]

"Summarizes empirical evidence, both from secondary sources and from the author�s own analyses, on the importance of family size in poverty and vulnerability to poverty."

Probing beneath Cross-National Averages: Poverty, inequality, and growth in the Philippines
[Retrieved June 28, 2007]

"Attempts to probe beneath cross-country averages by analyzing provincial data on the poverty�growth nexus in the Philippines."

The Philippines in the Global Trading Environment: Looking Back and the Road Ahead
[Retrieved June 28, 2007]

"Discusses effects of international trade on the country�s economic growth and domestic economic activity."

Philippine Poverty Assessment (Vol.1)
Retrieved June 29, 2007]

"Provides an updated picture of poverty in the Philippines and a framework for identifying priorities in designing a strategy to attack poverty."

Poverty in the Philippines: Income, Assets, and Access
[Retrieved June 29, 2007]

"Reports on multi dimensional approach to poverty following ADB�s poverty reduction strategy, which defines poverty as a deprivation of essential assets."

Poverty Comparison in the Philippines: Is What We Know about the Poor Robust?
[Retrieved June 29, 2007]

"Re-examines the official approach to measuring poverty in light of measurement theory and practice in household welfare comparison."

Revisiting the Poverty Problem
[Retrieved June 29, 2007]

"Presents an annual population growth rate of 2.36% over the September 1995 census count of 68.6 million."

A Simple Poverty Scorecard for the Philippines
[Retrieved June 28, 2007]

"Presents an easy-to-use, objective poverty scorecard to help development programs in the Philippines to target services, track changes in poverty over time, and report clients� poverty rates."

A Survey of Poverty-Related Researches and Monitoring Systems in the Philippines
[Retrieved June 27, 2007]

"Provides an overview of the current nature of poverty-related research and monitoring efforts in the country."

A Strategy to Fight Poverty: Philippines
[Retrieved June 27, 2007]

"Provides substance for an ongoing discussion and debate of the issues related to poverty alleviation in the Philippines."

Trade Reform and Poverty in the Philippines: A Computable General Equilibrium Micro simulation Analysis
[Retrieved June 27, 2007]

"Employs an integrated CGE-micro simulation approach to analyze the poverty effects of tariff reduction"

Why Does Poverty Persist in the Philippines? Facts, Fancies, and Policies
[Retrieved June 27, 2007]

"Examines the Philippine experience in poverty reduction from an "international" perspective"

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Compiled by : Michelle E. Mendoza
Date : July 03, 2007