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university library - reference sectionAll materials in the library are assumed to be available for consultation and reference. Some, however, need to be available for consultation at all times, and are not available for loan. These materials form the Reference Collection, and may include such general works as encyclopedias, directories, dictionaries, atlases, and yearbooks of many kinds. In some cases, material that is not necessarily presented in "reference format" will be included in the collection because of the unique nature of its intellectual content, such as art books, books in sets, sacred works, encyclical letters, proverbs, quotations, etc.

The DLSU Library, particularly the Information-Reference Section, also serves as depository of ADB and UNESCO-IEEP publications. These publications, therefore, are included in the Reference Collection.

Scope of the Collection

university libary - reference sectionGeneral Reference Books
university library - reference sectionOther Resources Available