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Psychotherapy - Literally called ‘mind treatment’; any treatment based on psychological principles designed to alleviate emotional distress, social difficulties or behavioral disorders. (Kristal, Leonard. The ABC of Psychology, BF 31 AE15 1981, Information-Reference, 2nd floor)

Psychotherapy is a method of working with patients/clients to assist then to modify, change, or reduce factors that interfere with effective living. (Corsini, Raymond J. Encyclopedia of Psychology, BF 31 E5 1994 v.3, Information-Reference, 2nd floor)

Psychotherapy - Any form of treatment for mental illnesses, behavioral maladaptations, and/or other emotional problems, in which a trained person deliberately establishes a professional relationship with a client for the purpose of removing, modifying, or retarding existing symptoms and/or behavior problems, and of promoting positive personality growth and development. (Ramachandran, V.S. Encyclopedia of Human Behavior, BF 31 E45 1994 v.3, Information-Reference, 2nd floor)

Books dealing with the topic are listed in the catalog under the headings:

  • Adolescent psychotherapy
  • Bioenergetic psychotherapy
  • Brief psychotherapy - Case studies
  • Child psychotherapy
  • Child psychotherapy - Philippines
  • Client-centered psychotherapy
  • Existential psychotherapy
  • Family psychotherapy
  • Family psychotherapy - Technique
  • Group psychotherapy
  • Group psychotherapy - Addresses, essays, lectures
  • Group psychotherapy - Case studies
  • Marital psychotherapy
  • Psychodynamic psychotherapy
  • Psychotherapist and patient
  • Psychotherapy - Addresses, essays, lectures
  • Psychotherapy - Decision making
  • Psychotherapy - Dictionaries
  • Psychotherapy - Education
  • Psychotherapy - History
  • Psychotherapy - Methods
  • Psychotherapy - Moral and ethical aspects
  • Psychotherapy - Philippines
  • Psychotherapy - Religious aspects
  • Psychotherapy - Study and teaching
  • Psychotherapy for the aged
  • Psychotherapy patients - Cases, clinical reports, statistics
  • Rational-emotive psychotherapy

The following subject headings may be helpful in locating related books:

  • Behavior therapy
  • Family - Mental health
  • Family - Psychological aspects
  • Gestalt therapy
  • Grief therapy
  • Group counseling - Addresses, essays, lectures
  • Mental disorders - Therapy
  • Mental Health Counseling
  • Mental illness - Treatment
  • Physician-Patient Relations
  • Small groups - Psychological aspects

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    American Group Psychotherapy Association
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    Group Psychotherapy Home Page - by Haim Weinberg
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