Pathfinder - Criminal Law

Scope Note :

Branch of jurisprudence that relates to crimes and their punishments
[Source : PROQUEST Thesaurus]

Use For :

  • Penal Law

Broader Term :

  • Law

Narrower Terms :

  • Accomplices
  • Aggravating circumstances
  • Compound offenses
  • Criminal attempt
  • Criminal intent
  • Detainer
  • Duress
  • Entrapment
  • Ex post facto laws
  • Extenuating circumstances
  • Joinder of offenses
  • Pretrial detention
  • Preventive detention

Related Terms

  • Crime
  • Criminal justice
  • Criminal liability
  • Criminals
  • Criminology
  • Crime prevention
  • Criminal procedure
  • Law enforcement
  • Legal education
  • Police
  • Police education
  • Sentencing


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Buffalo Criminal Law Center: Criminal Law Resources on the Internet

[Retrieved April 24, 2009]

"This page provides on-line access to criminal law materials from the United States and throughout the world, including, among other things, criminal codes, criminal procedure codes, and enforcement codes."

Chan Robles Virtual Law Library : Philippine Criminal Law

[Retrieved April 24, 2009]

"This site includes full texts articles of the revised penal code of the Philippines and other republic acts on Philippine criminal law."

Duhaime's Criminal Law Centre

[Retrieved April 24, 2009]

"This site contains Canada's one-stop shop for the best plain language articles on criminal law such as abortion law, animal cruelty, Canada's criminal code, Canada's criminal law, child sexual abuse, euthanasia, extradition from Canada, etc." : Worldwide Legal Directories

[Retrieved April 24, 2009]

"This site contains comprehensive information on US and International Crime law. It includes the overview, basics and theories of criminal law and the areas of crime that fall under the criminal law statutes. It also includes criminal codes by state and guides to international criminal law."

Philippine e-Legal Forum

[Retrieved April 24, 2009]

"This is a searchable site containing archive for the criminal law category. It also includes links to other categories such as Annulment and Legal Separation, Banking, Bar Exams & Bar Matters, Corporate and Investments, Criminal Law, Digests, Elections and Constitutional Law, Family and Property Law, Immigration Law, Intellectual Property, Libel, Litigation and Labor Law, Obiter/News, Sentencing Law, Special Projects and Tax and Estate Law."

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Compiled by: Ms. Marita G. Valerio
Date: April 2009