Scope Note :

Commercial law refers to the body of law that pertains to commercial transactions. Its wide-ranging scope includes many different areas that affect businesses and individuals who enter into commercial transactions. Contracts, agency, bailments, carriers, sales, product liability, partnerships, corporations, unfair competition, secured transactions, property, commercial paper, insurance and bankruptcy are all governed by commercial law. [Source : Encyclopedia of Business. New York : Gale Research, 1995 HF 1001 E5 1995 v.1]

Used For :

  • Business -- Law and legislation
  • Commerce -- Law and legislation
  • Law, Commercial
  • Mercantile law

Broader Term :

  • Law

Related Term :

  • Law merchant
  • Maritime law

Narrower Term :

  • Accounting -- Law and legislation
  • Agency (Law)
  • Antitrust law
  • Bank loans -- Law and legislation
  • Banking law
  • Boycotts --Law and legislation
  • Business enterprises -- Law and legislation
  • Business law
  • Cash registers -- Law and legislation
  • Coastwise shipping -- Law and legislation
  • Commercial loans -- Law and legislation
  • Corporation law
  • Customer relations (Law)
  • Electronic commerce -- Law and legislation
  • Fashion merchandising -- Law and legislation
  • Food law and legislation
  • Foreign exchange -- Law and legislation
  • Forfaiting -- Law and legislation
  • Home equity loans -- Law and legislation
  • Import credit -- Law and legislation
  • Indian business enterprises -- Law and legislation
  • Insurance law
  • Interest -- Law and legislation
  • Internet marketing -- Law and legislation
  • Interstate commerce -- Law and legislation
  • Loans -- Law and legislation
  • Loans, Personal -- Law and legislation
  • Marketing -- Law and legislation
  • Minority business enterprises -- Law and legislation
  • Mortgage loans -- Law and legislation
  • Mortgage loans, Reverse -- Law and legislation
  • New products -- Law and legislation
  • Security (Law)
  • Shipment of goods -- Law and legislation
  • Usury laws

    [Source : Library of Congress Subject Headings. Z 695 L5 2001 v.1]


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