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Collective Bargaining "is considered one of the most fundamental and important elements in good labor-management relations. The term refers not only to the negotiations which must take place between labor and management before an agreement can be reached on wages, hours of work, and other matters relating to employment, but it also covers the administration and interpretation of the contract once it has been signed". (The labor reference book. HD 8066 P37 1972, Reference Section, 2nd floor)

The collective aspect of collective bargaining is the exclusive representation by the union of the collection of people in a bargaining unit. Bargaining represents the negotiation of labor agreements and their administration during the period in which they are in effect. (Labor relations : development, structure, process. HD 8072.5 F67 2000, Circulation Section, 3rd floor)

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  • Collective bargaining
  • Collective bargaining agreements - Philippines
  • Collective labor agreements
  • Industrial relations
  • Negotiation in business
  • Pattern bargaining
  • Trade Unions
  • Wage
  • Wage bargaining

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  • Negotiation in business

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  • Canadian Union of Postal Workers
    Providing collective bargaining muscle to the 45,000 women and men who sort and deliver your mail. With all the latest happenings.
  • Collective Bargaining Negotiations and Contracts
    Both sides of the bargaining table get complete 'how-to' information and immediate assistance in the time-consuming and costly process of preparing for, negotiating, and administering collective bargaining agreements.
  • Convention (No. 154) concerning the Promotion of Collective Bargaining
    Fran�ais | Espa�ol Convention (No. 154) concerning the Promotion of Collective Bargaining Adopted on 19 June 1981 by the General Conference of the International Labour Organisation at its sixty-seventh session entry into force 11 August 1983.
  • Education Policy Institute
    EPI provides education research and policy analysis from a public choice and pro-market perspective, as well as expert commentary on teacher unions, collective bargaining in education, PTA issues, and education reform matters.
  • Institute of Collective Bargaining
    Briefing papers and newsletter on the collective bargaining process in the US. Based at Cornell University.
  • Transportation Communications Union (TCU)
    Union representing a variety of railroad and non-railroad workers offers collective bargaining documents and legislative updates, as well as the union's history.
  • Treasury Board
    Highlights hot topics, such as collective bargaining, pension news, and pay equity. Dig through audits, reviews, and publications.
  • Uniformed Division Labor Committee
    US Secret Service organization features members' benefits, the legal defense team, court rulings, and collective bargaining updates.

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