Instructional Media Services (IMS)

About the IMS

The Instructional Media Services (IMS) provides the academic community with multimedia and audiovisual resources and services in support of its instructional, research and extension programs. It houses and circulates multimedia and audiovisual resources and provides training on its effective and efficient use.

The IMS houses and circulates more than 10,000 videos and multimedia sources in CD-ROMs and a wide array of audio-visual and projection equipment and devices. All resources, however, are strictly for use within the DLSU campus premises.

The IMS takes charge of assigning Audio Visual Technicians specifically on the use of multimedia rooms and venues within the campus. In addition, the IMS also takes the initiative in promoting media literacy in the academic community through its program called Video Pick of the Week. The Video Pick of the Week aims to promote the audiovisual collection of the Instructional Media Services (IMS) of the Libraries.

Other services provided by the IMS are Text TOM (Technician on the Move), video coverage request, conversion of VHS and audio cassette tapes into DVD format and data transfer of files to CD/DVD.

The online catalog of the IMS collection can be accessed using the Millennium Web OPAC - IMS.

Overdue Fines for IMS Equipment

- Php 40.00 per equipment per day.



Request Rate
Data Burning Php 50.00 per CD/DVD
Video Conversion (VHS to DVD) Php 150.00 per hour
Audio Conversion (Casette Tape to DVD) Php 80.00 per hour
Video Coverage Php 100.00 per hour