university library - edrc collectionThe collection is focused on the following subject areas:

  • European Union and Integration
  • Community
  • Business and economics
  • Politics and government
  • Monetary Union
  • History and Culture
  • Agriculture
  • International and Foreign relations
  • Economics, Business and Trade
  • Environment
  • Energy
  • Security/Defense

The EDC currently houses a collection of books, monographs, European Union (EU) official journals and serials as well as non-print materials such as compact discs, videotapes, microfiche and maps. At the start of school year 2001-2002, books on Europe and European Union selected from the Circulation section were relocated in EDC.


Monographs and pamphlets are accessioned and indexed using both the LC subject headings and the Eurovoc thesaurus.

The materials are classified according to their provenance (office/person of origin) and placed in boxes that are arranged alphabetically by title in the shelves.

e.g. DG  - Directorate General
      X  - Refers to the particular DG
     12  - Accession number
    1999 - Year of publication


Journals are alphabetically arranged by title. Back issues are kept alphabetically arranged by title and placed in boxes. Index to selected journal articles is accessible through the OPAC.

CD ROMs are arranged by accession number and are located in the office of the librarian

Access to the Collection

All visiting users are required to present a recommendation/referral note from their librarian or the EDC pass. Proof of library fee payment is required for non-consortium members.

  • The Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) of the collection and other electronic resources are accessible on the computer facilities of the Centre.
  • The books are organized according to the Library of Congress classification scheme.
  • The open shelf system is followed.
  • Validated ID cards of DLSU faculty and students are required to access the facilities and resources of the Centre.
  • Other users are guided by the University Library Policy on visiting users.


The Centre has a reading area with a seating capacity of sixty. It has six (6) computer units with multimedia and Internet access facilities. Printers are likewise available. There is a conference room that can seat 50 and equipped with a video player, media projector, an overhead projector, a projection screen, and an electric whiteboard. The use of conference room is open to other sectors of the academic community. Reservation of the room is handled and approved by the EDC librarian. Adjacent to the conference room is the office of the librarian that serves also as the technical processing area.

Other than books, journals, and other print materials, the EU Commission also funded some of the pieces of equipment, particularly computers and printers. De La Salle University provided the space, pieces of furniture and fixtures, and additional equipment as counterpart support. The operating budget of the Centre is shouldered by the De La Salle University.

A full-time librarian and a library clerk currently man the Centre. The fulltime librarian is responsible for the overall organization and operation of the Centre. The clerk assists the librarian in attending to the specific needs of users and other related office functions.