Administrative Policies

  • All records, regardless of physical form or characteristic, generated or received by the University's administrative offices, academic departments and faculty in the conduct of their functions, operations, transactions and other activities, become the property of the University, and as such, shall not be destroyed or removed from the creating units without the approval of the head of the office of origin and the concurrence of the Archivist.
  • These records should be retained until further consultation between the head of the office and the University Archivist results in the determination of their permanent value.
  • All record-creating units shall release to the Archivist for preservation and administration the records that are no longer needed for the transaction of current business.
  • Once materials have been moved to the Archives, the office of origin shall have prompt access to them.
  • The Archivist shall determine retention and disposal schedules for these records, and from time to time, shall inform the records-creating units of their schedules to ensure the regular and efficiently organized transfer of non-current records.
  • The Archives retain the right to reproduce materials by mechanical, electronic or photographic means for security, preservation and research purposes.
  • The Archives will accept historical materials of any medium, including textual records, photographs and other visual records, maps, plans and architectural records, sound recordings and oral history tapes, artifacts and other multi-dimensional objects.
  • The Archives will only accept materials on a permanent basis, except when borrowing materials for short-term loans to reproduce/microfilm or to include in displays or exhibits.