Upcoming Projects of PATE, 2000 - 2002

Theme:      Closer Networking for Quality Engineering Education
This refers to Networking

  • Within the PATE Board in terms of planning and implementation of programs
  •  Within the PATE Membership in terms of mutual support and cooperation in the delivery of services to the members
  •  With the government agencies such as CHED-TPETA, DOST, PRC, DTI, FAPE and FUSE in terms of implementing policies and programs
  •  With Industry and Professional Organizations in terms of getting assistance in educating the engineering workforce
  •  With foreign agencies for global integration
1. Organize Seminars and Workshops for PATE members.
a. Curricular evaluation and Course planning
b. Research methodologies
c. Productivity and quality infusion in the academe
d. Managerial Strategies for engineering administrators
e. Teaching of engineering ethics
f. Multimedia application in engineering  instruction 
2. Organize or Co-sponsor International and Local Symposia or congress
a. For Engineering education  concerns
b. For specific engineering discipline, e.g., CE, IE, ChE, etc
3. Assist in the implementation of government programs and policies
a. Undergraduate and graduate education
b. Pre-baccalaureate engineering program
c. Faculty development programs 
d. Research projects
4. Implement cooperative programs to reduce on cost
a. prescribe common textbook
b. sharing or instructional materials 
c. sharing of shareware computer softwares
d. purchase of softwares by bulk
5. Promote accreditation of engineering programs
6. Apply for PATE as a CPE provider
7. Publish a Directory of members based on survey made
8. Maintain the PATE Website
9. Publish the PATE Newsletter regularly
10. Support PATE representatives in international conferences
11. Publish the PATE Journal regularly
12. Continue supporting the MEP Consortium in NCR
13. Explore the possibility of organizing International Conference in Engineering Education 2002
14. Review the PATE Constitution

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