• The advancement of education in all functions which pertain to engineering, all allied branches of science and technology including the processes of teaching and learning research, extension services, and public relations;
  • To serve as common agency for stimulation and guidance in:
    • The foundation of the goals and responsibilities of technological education;
    • The adjustment of curricula and education processes to make them more relevant to the needs of the country;
    • The development of effective teachers and administrators;
    • The coordination of objectives and programs among technological schools and colleges, and their relations with professional, educational, public entities;
    • The enhancement of professional ideals and standards;
    • The coordination of institutional aims and programs, both among schools and colleges and their joint relation with professional, education and public bodies; and
    • The cultivation of fraternal spirit among teachers, administrators, researchers, practitioners, and industrialists;
  • To assist existing or proposed engineering and/or technological schools or colleges by providing them among others with available data pertaining to laboratory standards, curricular requirements, industry needs and manpower development.

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