Philippine Association for Technological Education (PATE), Inc
Minutes of the FIRST Monthly Meeting
PATE Board of Trustees for 2000-2002
Bro. Connon Seminar Room
Host: De La Salle University September 1, 2000

Members Present: (14)
Members Unable to Attend: (2)
Servillano S. B. Olaņo, Jr. - (DLSU)
Walden S. Rio - (CPU)
Juan C. Tallara, Jr. - (PLM)
Edgardo G. Atanacio - (UP)
Petronilo A. Ballesca - (SLU)
Marilyn C. Mabini - (UST)
Peter M. Ureta - (AdU)
Genaro T. Marzan - (UE)
Jessie M. Montalbo - (PBMIT) Represented by Expedito V. Acorda
Consuelo V. Flora - (MIT)
Sonia C. Manalastas - (TUP)
Luz G. Paca - (USC)
Antonio C. Sevillano, Jr. - (XU) Represented by Jocelyn Mabaylan
Carmencita E. Vidamo - (UM)
Carla P. Falconit - (NU) Represented by Gloria Peņa



    The board meeting started with a prayer led by Dean Olano.


    The meeting was called to order at 11:50 A.M. Ten of the fifteen board members were present, and three were represented. Dean Olano, the presiding officer, called the names of each of the members present and declared that there was a quorum for transaction of business.


    Dean Olano introduced the secretariat to the body as: Nini Quizon and Gladys Cruz. Afterwards he reviewed the contents of the kit that was distributed to the board.


    The Board moved for the approval of the proposed agenda.

    1. Report on the 2000 PATE National Convention c/o Dean Paca

      Dean Paca gave a brief account on the recently concluded convention held at Holiday Plaza, Cebu City. She mentioned that USC, USJR and CIT acted as hosts in essence for the said activity. Fr. Estepa of USC gave the welcome address. She gave the highlights of the different papers presented and special mention to Dr. Pena, Dr. Vea and Dr. Pama. She noted that during the workshop the interest of schools to go into research was well articulated. The role of PATE according to Dean Paca is focused on capability building toward research. This can meaningfully contribute to engineering education. Another idea expressed was the addition of 1 year to engineering that was received with welcome and apprehension. Some people welcomed it because there is so high a load for students for every year level so that the addition of one year would allow the spread of load to this additional one year. She likewise mentioned that there was a desire to remove Pilipino in the curriculum and replaced by a foreign language because of the idea of globalization.

      The participants were satisfied and pleased with the convention. It was welcomed that the directorate decided to hold the convention for first time outside Metro Manila which turned out to be very successful and followed by a statement that it is about time that PATE should be taken to the regions.

      The Board commended Ms. Paca for successfully steering the convention with the cooperation of the members.

    2. Updated Report of Treasurer c/o Dean Ureta

      Dean Ureta furnished the body with copies of the financial report of the PATE convention. He mentioned that PATE garnered a total income of P36,509.00 from the convention in Cebu. Exhibits A, B, & C. showed the registration fees paid in cash and in checks including the official receipts issued to the participants. P176,.000.00 were collected in cash and P82,000.00 were collected in checks for a total of P258,000.00. Exhibit D showed the payment for advertisements in the program or a total of P30,000.00 with account receivables from UP and De Vera Institute of Technology of P2,000.00 each. The State Alliance, the only exhibitor, paid P10,000.00 for the space. Total expenses amounted to P265,791.50 shown in Exhibit E.

      Special mention was given by Dean Ureta to UST who paid P3,500.00 for advertisement.

      In relation to the convention, the Treasurer reported that he had fully paid the hotel, student books, souvenir programs, convention stickers, convention bags, cash advances for PATE convention supplies c/o Dean Laurito, secretariat, hotel rooms, honoraria of paper presenters including the plane tickets of Dr. Pena, dinner in honor of outgoing president, refund of registration fees, payment for excess baggage and photocopying services.

      As to the students books that were mistaken to have lost, Dean Paca mentioned that the students books are with her (60 copies). The body took note of the excess and Dean Paca was given the authority to sell some of the books to generate income or to lessen the expenses. The other books that are not issued will be turned over to the secretariat.

      The Treasurer also distributed to the body copies of the tabulated list of members showing the annual membership fees paid from SY 1995-1996 to SY 2000-2001. Dean Ureta suggested to the Board that those schools that are not paying their membership dues since 1995 to the present will be stricken off from the membership list. The following schools like Aklan College (not offering engineering subjects), Divine Word University (already closed) , Mindanao State University, Palawan State College, Letran College-Calamba, East Central Colleges, Foundation University, Gregorio Araneta University Foundation were mentioned. For Northwestern University -Laoag City, the Treasurer was requested to communicate with them to inform them to settle their deficiencies since the school mentioned is very active up to this time. The Treasurer sends to all member schools notice of their membership dues addressed to the President of the institution, however, some shortcomings like slow mailing system could be considered.

      The Treasurer noted changes in the names of some schools: University of Perpetual Help of Rizal for Perpetual Help College of Rizal, University of Lasette of Santiago for La Salette of Santiago, Colegio de San Agustin for University of San Agustin, while Cebu Institute of Technology, Western Mindanao State University, San Sebastian College in Cavite are new members.

      The President commended the Treasurer for a comprehensive report.

      As a reaction to the report presented by the Treasurer on the granting of amnesty or removing from the list the schools with delinquent payments, the President requested the Treasurer to again verify the list. This matter will be discussed in the next meeting. In relation to this, Dean Paca mentioned about an applicant for institutional membership who applied to PATE four years back but had not received feedback on the status of their application. The board suggested that the school should re-apply.

      The President was requested by the Board to write a formal letter to Colegio San Agustin to formally accept them as PATE member.

      With all the issues and concerns of the board regarding the application for membership, Dean Ureta mentioned the requirements to become a member as follows: (a) letter written by the school President of a desire to join PATE , (2) evidence of government recognition for engineering courses offered , (3) application should be endorsed by any of the PATE board members for approval, and (4) school should fill up the PATE membership application form to determine their engineering student enrolment and the corresponding annual membership fees.

      Dean Ureta mentioned that for membership, we maintain schools that are active participants, involved and committed to PATE seminars, conventions and as per Dean Marzan, schools who believe in PATE.

      For information of the board, Dean Ureta mentioned that PATE has a dollar account in the amount of 4227.19 US Dollars with UCPB. The deposit was made thru the initiative of the former President Dean Laurito and was generated from IMCEE 2000. The policies and guidelines on how this amount will be spent will be subject for discussion in the forthcoming board meetings.

  6. Organization of Working Committees

    Dean Olano presented the PATE committees for 2000-2002. Some board members volunteered and while others were assigned to the different committees which comprises representatives from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

    After the members of the different committees were completed and agreed upon, Dean Olano requested the different Chairs to meet their members and come up with their plans.

  7. Action Plans of the New Board

    Dean Olano promised to continue the many activities of PATE. Copies of the Action Plans of the New Board were distributed by Dean Olano with the proposed theme of "Closer Networking for Quality Engineering Education". After going through the list of networking, Dean Ureta requested Dean Olano to add TPETA, FUSE and FEED among the government agencies in terms of implementing guidelines and policies. Dean Marzan suggested that for item # 10 to replace the word ' designate' to 'support' PATE representatives in international conferences. In this connection, Dean Ureta suggested that a committee be created to formulate guidelines on who will be granted financial support on attendance to conferences. In this manner, PATE will be able to anticipate expenses. Dean Olano mentioned that this will fall under special projects committee. Dean Ureta likewise requested to include that PATE has established a consortium of 5 schools offering Master of Engineering in NCR.

  8. Schedule of Board Meetings

    The schedules of monthly meetings of the new Board for the year 2000-2002 was discussed by the body for approval.

  9. Other Matters
    1. Dean Marzan informed the body that during IMCEE 2000, PATE invited sectors from the industries and professional organizations but they did not attend. Dean Marzan suggested that they be given PATE Journal in order to invite them to PATE to develop initial contacts with them. It was decided that the professional organizations will be sent copies from the remaining copies of the first issue of the journal.
    2. With regards to future issues of the PATE Journal, every issue will be equitably distributed to the member institutions or 2 copies per school (1 to the President and 1 directly to the Library). Dean Ureta suggested that the number of issues to be printed will depend on the mailing list which will include aside from the member institutions, CHED, DOST, local and foreign professional organizations. Hopefully, in the future, the PATE journal will become a venue for refereed papers locally and internationally which later on will be a basis to seek accreditation.
    3. To save on postage, it was expected that the Vice-Presidents of the regions work in harness with their constituents including solicitations for papers for publication in the PATE Journal.
    4. The Board agreed that technical papers can also be included in the PATE Journal.
    5. Dean Olano presented to the Board a project in DLSU entitled a National Conference on Advances in Industrial Engineering requesting sponsorship from PATE. Details of the project will discussed during the next meeting.
    6. In order to increase the savings of PATE in the banks, it was recommended to explore the possibility of an international conference like IMCEE 2002. Dean Mabini further suggested that if we are taking this possibility, it would be better to make the initial announcement early enough to get as many participants.
    7. Dean Ureta presented to the body a joint project of PATE -FUSE-CPU-AdU. Dean Ureta, acting as Chair For FUSE S & T committee, said that the project was allotted P2M and initiated by Dean Walden Rio of CPU to enhance the teaching of physics to college students. About 210 faculty members will be trained from 7 training sessions. Tapes produced by FUSE will be used in teaching physics. Dean Ureta requested full support in terms of attendance from schools for this project.
    8. Dean Ballesca mentioned the pre-baccalaureate program and suggested pre-university instead with a rigid course in English, Math, Science and Social Science during the initial two years. On the other hand, Dr. Flora recommended an evaluation of the existing curricula to make it comparative with ABET. In relation to the pre-baccaulareate program, Dean Ureta reported that PACU is working on a scheme of 6- year engineering with the first two years to be called pre-university with rigid Math, Science, English offerings and the next 4 years called the real engineering with courses geared towards the particular discipline. After this is finalized, this will be presented to PATE for reaction. Dean Ureta will update PATE accordingly for developments from TPETA in the succeeding PATE meetings on this matter.
  10. Transfer of Funds
    1. After the recommendation of Dr. Ureta, and upon the approval of the Board, it was resolved to close the bank account at Security Bank-UST Branch and to open new account at Equitable PCI-Taft Avenue Branch, the bank closer to the President. All PATE withdrawals shall bear the signatures of the President or Vice-President and Treasurer.
    2. It was agreed that PATE will pay for the airfare of participants from the regions
  11. Dean Olano requested the Board to send to DLSU their pictures for the website. A computer print out of the PATE website was shown to the body.
  12. Dr. Flora extended the Board's appreciation and thanks to DLSU and Dr. Olano for the lunch and for hosting the First PATE Board Meeting. The next meeting of the Board will be on September 29, 2000, Friday, to be hosted by Dean Juan Tallara, Jr. at Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila.
  13. The meeting was finally adjourned at 2:15 P.M.

Prepared by:
Nini B. Quizon

PATE President


Membership Committee Chair Ms. Carla P. Falconit (NU) Members Dean Walden S. Rio (CPU) Dean Petronilo A. Ballesca (SLU) Engr. Jessie A. Montalbo (PBMIT) Dean Carmencita E. Vidamo (UM)

Ways and Means Committee Chair Dr. Peter M. Ureta (AdU) Members Engr. Jessie A. Montalbo (PBMIT) Dean Antonio C. Sevillano, Jr. (XU) Dr. Sonia C. Manalastas (TUP) Dean Capistrano Ramientos (CIT)

Continuing Education Committee Chair Dean Luz G. Paca (USC) Members Dean Edgardo G. Atanacio (UP) Dr. Marilyn C. Mabini (UST) Dr. Servillano S.B. Olano, Jr. (DLSU) Dean Antonio C. Sevillano, Jr. (XU) Dean Genaro T. Marzan (UE)

Special Projects Committee Chair Dr. Marilyn C. Mabini (UST) Members Dean Genaro T. Marzan (UE) Dr. Sonia C. Manalastas (TUP) Dr. Juan C. Tallara, Jr. (PLM)

Documentation Committee Chair Ms. Carla P. Falconit (NU) Members Dr. Peter M. Ureta (AdU) Dr. Ma. Consuelo V. Flora (MIT) Dean Edgardo G. Atanacio (UP) Dean Genaro T. Marzan (UE)

Productivity and Quality Promotions Committee Chair Dr. Juan C. Tallara, Jr. (PLM) Members Dr. Servillano S. B. Olano, Jr. (DLSU) Dr. Marilyn C. Mabini (UST) Dean Petronilo A. Ballesca (SLU) Dean Luz G. Paca (USC)

PATE Website Chair Engr. Jessie A. Montalbo (PBMIT) Members Dr. Marilyn C. Mabini (UST) Dr. Ma. Consuelo B. Flora (MIT) Dr. Servillano S. B. Olano, Jr. (DLSU)

PATE Journal Editor-in-Chief Dr. Aida L. Velasco (DLSU) Associate Editor Dean Edgardo G. Atanacio (UP) Dean Luz G. Paca (USC) Dean Servillano S.B. Olaņo, Jr. (DLSU)

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