Philippine Association for Technological Education
      Minutes of the EIGHTH Monthly Meeting
      PATE Board of  Trustees for 2000-2002
      Host:  University of the East
      C. M. Recto Avenue, Manila
      March 30, 2001

      Members Present (11)                                      Members Unable to Attend (4)
      Servillano S. B. Olaño, Jr.- (DLSU)                             Carmencita E. Vidamo - (UM) 
      Juan C. Tallara, Jr.  - (PLM)                                      Sonia C. Manalastas -  (TUP)
         Represented by Renerio C. Supsup                         Jessie  A. Montalbo -   (PBMIT) 
      Ma. Consuleo V. Flora - (MIT)                                   Antonio  C. Sevillano, Jr.   -  (XU)
      Petronilo A. Ballesca - (SLU) 
      Walden S. Rio  - (CPU)
      Carla P. Falconit     - (NU)
      Marilyn C. Mabini - (UST)
      Genaro T. Marzan - (UE)
      Peter M. Ureta  - (AdU)
      Edgardo G. Atanacio - (UP)
      Luz G. Paca  - (USC)

                      The meeting started with a prayer led by Dean Marzan.

      2. CALL TO ORDER
             The meeting was called  to order at 12:30 p.m.  Eleven of the fifteen members were present and one was represented.  Dean Olaño, the presiding officer declared that there was a quorum for transaction of business.

                    Dean Olaño read the tentative agenda and on motion made and seconded, the members approved the agenda with the addition of the following:
      3.1 CE Congress
      3.2 Seminar-Workshop for Deans

                     The body moved for the approval of the minutes of the last meeting held at the University of Santo Tomas, after the corrections on:

       Line 153  :   change 2000 to '2001'
       Line 148  :   change amount to 'about'
       Line 179  :   change one to 'once'
       Line 237  :   correct US$472.05 to US$472.00
       ----------                   change  Dr. to 'Dean' as the  designation  of Alberto Laurito. 


      5.1     Prof. Falconit mentioned that she already sent the letter informing West Visayas College of Science and Technology on the acceptance of their membership application.

      5.2 PATE Journal

                      Dean Olaño presented to the body the second draft of the PATE Journal for comments.

      5.3 FUSE Training

                        The FUSE training on Teaching Physics at SLU will be held on April 23-27, 2001.  There is no definite schedule yet for  the training at Adamson University.

      5.4 PATE Newsletter

                        Dean Mabini was hopeful that the PATE Newsletter will be ready for distribution during the general meeting in Baguio City.  Once again, she reminded the board concerned on their assignments.

      5.5 PATE Directory

                       Professor Falconit said that the forms for the PATE Directory will be distributed during the general membership meeting.  The data to be gathered will be used for the PATE data base.

      5.6  Dean Olaño informed the body that  the MEP Consortium of NCR chaired by Dean Ureta met last March 29, 2001.  The University of San Carlos will join the consortium for the West Visayas region.  A  courtesy visit to Dr. Estrella Alabastro  will be organized by the board in the near future.

      5.7 The request of  Dean Rio for the payment of his registration fee for the 8th WCCEE (World Congress in Continuing Engineering Education) in the amount of US$472.00 was approved by the Board upon the acceptance of Dean Rio to abide by the conditions set by the board as stated in the minutes of the Feb. 26, 2001 meeting.


              General Membership Meeting

              Dean Ureta presented to the body the actual financial statement of the general membership meeting held in 1999 vs. the 2001 projected income-loss statement for the general membership meeting prepared  by Dean Olaño. 

                     Dean Olaño informed the body that the target participation for the general membership meeting of  250 is too high compared to the attendance last meeting.  Certain adjustments in the expenses will have to be made.  The CHED endorsement were also sent to all member  schools.

              It was agreed that the fee for exhibitors will be P3,000.   During  the 1999 general meeting the fee was P2,500. The exhibits in the lobby will require tables and chairs to be taken cared of by Dean Ballesca. Dean Rio mentioned that McGraw Hill, John Wiley and Prentice Hall should be included in the list of  possible exhibitors.   Dean Ballesca agreed to provide the needed computers and projectors to be used during  the duration of the workshop.

              It was  decided that the directors will facilitate the purchase of their tickets from their hometown  to    Baguio City and to be reimbursed after the activity.  Asst. Dean Lindo volunteered  to  take care of renting a van to transport the secretariat and will leave for Baguio on April 25 at 6 A.M.  Dean Marzan will also join the secretariat on April 25.

                      Dean Olaño  mentioned that so far, he has received only six of the target 12 papers to be presented.  He also mentioned that only 14 schools have responded with a total participants of only twenty one. The board, however,  expressed their commitment to send as many participants as possible.  The  directors from the regions were requested by Dean Olaño to inform and follow-up the schools for participants in their respective regions.  The following PATE board schools made their commitments to send the number of participants as follows:  DLSU (8); UP (11); AdU (8); UST (8); MIT (10); UE (6); NU (4); USC (1) CPU (1).

       Non-member institutions offering engineering programs will also be invited.

              Dean Olaño presented to the body the draft of the program he made based on the meeting held last March 28 at DLSU together with Ms. Falconit and Asst. Dean Lindo.  Dean Tallara  and Dean Ureta were also invited but were not able to attend.  Dean Mabini  noted that the  word 'addressing' in the theme should be deleted.   Dean Olaño will prepare the letter of invitation for  Rev. Fr. Parijz of SLU  to deliver the  Opening Remarks. Dean Paca will facilitate the invitation for Dr. Landa Jocano who will lecture on the Filipino Values & Ethics in Engineering Education.  The invitation to Dr. Estrella Alabastro, DOST Secretary for the Keynote Address will be facilitated by  Dean Atanacio.  Dean Ballesca was also requested to contact the President of Texas Instrument for industry participation.  Dean Rio   will solicit books from McGraw Hill for the raffle prizes.  Dean Olaño mentioned the different assignments of the board.  Advertising and announcement in the newspaper will be taken cared of by Dean Marzan.   Dean Ballesca was designated as the over-all coordinator for  the general meeting. 

                       Dean Olaño requested Dean Marzan to furnish the members with the copies of the PATE Constitution and By-Laws for discussion in the general meeting.

      7.      OTHER MATTERS

      7.1       CE Congress on May 2-4,  2001
       Dean Olaño presented to the body  a letter  from  the organizers of  the CE Congress 2001 requesting PATE to become a major sponsor.  In response to their request,  PATE will be sharing  P10,000 as sponsor to the CE  Congress.  The organizer's request in the amount of P50,000 was not approved by the body.  Dean Olaño requested the board to disseminate the invitation to their faculty for possible participation.

      7.2 Dean's Management Seminar

                       Dean Olaño made the initial discussion on the Dean's Management Seminar to coincide with the monthly board meeting at University of San Carlos, Cebu City  in November 2001.  Some of the areas identified by the board for this seminar are the following:

      a. research
      b. institutional planning (college level)
      c. budget planning
      d. stress management
      e. extension service/community involvement
      f. information on distance learning
      g. legal aspects of engineering education
      h. team coaching and team building
      i. laboratory simulation
      j. maintenance of physical facilities
      k. quality circles
      l. accreditation

             Dean Ureta reiterated that as much as possible the Association should get speakers from among the board of directors.  However, the  Association may invite speakers only when the topic is not the area of  expertise of any of the directors.

      7.3 Dean Rio distributed to the body the  flyer of a  seminar on July 13, 2001 on "Designing Digital Logic Systems Using State Machines and Programmable Logic Development Tools" sponsored by the Central Philippine University and Milwaukee School of Engineering.  The seminar fee is P4,000/participant.  Each participating school will receive one University Program Design Laboratory package valued at $695.00.  Dean Rio said that one slot is reserved to the PATE Board schools within the next two weeks.  However, if CPU will not hear from the Board within two weeks,  Dean Rio will open the slot to other schools.

      8.      ADJOURNMENT

                Dean Olaño extended the Board's appreciation and thanks to the University of the East and to Dean Marzan for the  all Filipino lunch and dessert for the PATE board, and for being a jolly host during the PATE board meeting.  The next regular Board meeting will be on April 26, 2001 at the Saint Louis University c/o Dean Petronilo A. Ballesca.  The meeting was adjourned at 2:30 p.m.  Before parting, there was picture taking of the board members.

      Prepared by

      Nini B. Quizon
            NOTED BY:

            DR. SERVILLANO S.B. OLAÑO, JR.
            PATE President 

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