Philippine Association for Technological Education (PATE), Inc.
Minutes of the FIFTH  Monthly Meeting
PATE Board of Trustees for 2000-2002
Philippine Columbian Association
Plaza Dilao, Paco, Manila
Host:  National University
December 18, 2000

    Members Present (11)                                      Members Unable to Attend (4)
      Servillano S.B. Olaño, Jr. - (DLSU)                        Carmencita E. Vidamo    - (UM)
      Juan C. Tallara, Jr.  - (PLM)                                 Genaro T. Marzan    - (UE)
      Ma. Consuelo V. Flora  - (MIT)                             Luz G. Paca     - (USC)
      Petronilo A. Ballesca  - (SLU)                               Jessie A. Montalbo    - (PBMIT)
      Walden S. Rio   - (CPU) 
      Carla P. Falconit  - (NU)
      Peter M. Ureta   - (AdU)
      Marilyn  C. Mabini  - (UST)
      Edgardo G. Atanacio  - (UP)
      Sonia C. Manalastas  - (TUP)
      Antonio C. Sevillano, Jr. - (XU)

      Carme Olaño
      Jean Garcia
      Myrna  Ureta
      Gladys Cruz


               The board meeting started with a prayer led by Dean Olaño.


        The meeting was called to order at 11:45 a.m.  Dean Olaño, the presiding officer thanked the members for their presence and declared that there was a quorum for transaction of business.
       Dean Olaño read the tentative agenda and on motion made and seconded,  the members approved the agenda.
        The body moved for the approval of the minutes of the last meeting after the correction on:
                                     Line 113     Change "showed" to "shown"
5.1 Dean Ureta informed the body that there are no developments yet on the pre-baccalaureate program as well as on the proposed project of MS Scholarships for science & language teachers to be funded by ADB.
5.2 Dean Olaño informed the body that Dean Montalbo has already created the e-group for PATE board.
5.3 Institutional Membership
        Dean Rio  followed up with the Board on the membership application of the West Visayas College of Technology.  Dean Rio was requested to endorse the application of the school for approval of the PATE Board.  The school should also fill up the proper membership application form.
5.4 PATE Journal
        Dean Olaño reported that there were 15 articles submitted for review by the editorial board headed by Dr. Aida Velasco.  The journal is  expected to be out in February.
5.5 The FUSE training will already start at the Central Philippine University in Iloilo City in January 2001.

5.6 PATE Newsletter

Dean Marzan was not around to report on the PATE Newsletter.  Dean Mabini was requested to keep in touch with Dean Marzan on this.

5.7 Ms. Falconit will report on the PATE Directory during the January board meeting.

5.8 Dean Mabini presented to the body  the policies and guidelines that she formulated  with regards to PATE's travel grant for participation in local and international conferences.

1. Any official or member of a PATE member school may apply for the grant.  Application requirements include the following:
    (a )    application letter indicating the benefits that can be gained by PATE from the conference
    (b )   details on the conference (objectives, content, etc.)
    (c )   nomination letter from the school president.
2. The grant shall over the conference registration fee and airfare to and from the conference site, but shall not exceed PhP15,000 for local conferences, or US$1,000 for international conferences.
3. Each school may avail of at most only three local travel grants, or one foreign travel grant every two academic years.
4. A special committee shall be designated by the PATE Board to review the nominations and decide on the awarding of the grant.
5. Within sixty (60) days from his/her return, the grantee shall present to the PATE Board a report on the conference, and his/her plan for its dissemination.

5.9 The status of the membership application of  the Central Mindanao University in Bukidnon will be deliberated upon during the next meeting.

5.10 Dean Ureta noted that in the  next  TPETA meeting, one of the agenda will be on the revision of policies and standards of engineering education.

5.11 Dean Olano expressed his appreciation to the Board members for their presence in spite of the change of schedule of this from Dec. 14  (as agreed upon during the Nov. 24 meeting) to Dec. 18.

6.1 Activities at CPU  

          Dr. Olaño requested Dean Rio to report on the activities to be held at CPU.  Dean Rio reported that there will be a seminar-workshop on January 26 & 27.  The title of the seminar is "The Future of Engineering Education".  According to Dean Rio this seminar  has a fix and definite schedule. The PATE Board were invited to attend.  About 20 participants expected to attend, mostly deans and department heads.  The PATE board meeting will be held on January 26 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.  An interaction between the administrators, faculty,  and the PATE Board may be conducted on January 27 (Sat.) from 1:00-4:00 p.m.  If the schedule would allow it, Dean Sevillano suggested for a  day tour of old churches in the vicinity.

           Dean Ureta mentioned that it was expected that when the Board goes on an out-of-town meeting some funds can be generated to support the  trip.  However, it seemed that  with a seminar fee of P800.00 per participant,  this will not be sufficient.  Dean Rio said that if they charge high they might be out of the market.  After the exchange of ideas,  it was recommended that a school subsidy of P3,000.00 will be  required to support the trip. The board agreed on the recommendation.  

          Dean Olaño got the consensus of those  present with regard to their attendance in  Iloilo City:  
   1. Xavier University - Dean Sevillano - will attend
   2. UST - Dean Mabini - will attend
   3. SLU - Dean Ballesca  + 1 participant - will attend
   4. DLSU - Dean Olano  + secretary - will attend
   5. AdU - Dean Ureta  - will attend 
   6. NU - Ms. Falconit - will attend
   7. TUP - Dean Manalastas - not sure
   8. PLM - Dean Tallara - not sure
   9. UP - Dean Atanacio - not sure

It was recommended that an early reservation both for the airline and hotel be made as the activity will coincide with the  traditional festival in Iloilo City.
6.2 Update on International Conference 2002

       There are no definite  dates of the conference but surely the conference will be held during the last week of January 2002.  There will be  graduated conference registration fees depending on the country or place of origin of participant, but the maximum rate will be US$250.00.  The PATE members and the early birds will be given  discounted rate.  The body agreed that the conference venue will be at the Manila Midtown Hotel (same venue as  the 2000 conference).  The first announcement for Call for Papers  is now in the planning stage.  It was recommended that papers submitted should be within the area/scope of the conference.  There was also a  suggestion to contact foreign professors as possible paper presentors.   Another  suggestion was to give an award to the best paper presentor.    After some discussion,  it was not considered because of the reasons mentioned.

7.0 Committee Reports
7.1 Ways and Means Committee

      Dean Ureta will send the financial statement to member schools to remind them of their membership dues. Although the board cited the difficulties of the member schools with 5 years arrears to update their payment, it was not possible to give them amnesty since PATE was only reckoning since 1995.  It was recommended to send the PATE newsletter so that these schools so that they will be aware of the activities/accomplishments of PATE.

    The possibility of  payment of membership fees two years in advance  will be announced during the general membership meeting in Baguio City.

7.2 Quality and Productivity Committee
            Dean Tallara, in the next meeting,  will update the board on the activities of the Quality and Productivity Committee.

8.0  Other Matters
8.1 Dr. Ureta, as a  consultant for Technical Working Group on Faculty Development informed the body that the survey forms/questionnaires are being circulated in the schools in the University belt areas for their possible participation in the reinforcement of enhancing quality education through quality teachers.

8.2 Dean Ureta presented the PATE Resolution No. 1:  Resolution adopted by the board of directors of the Philippine Association for Technological Education (PATE) at its board meeting held at Casino Español, Kalaw, Manila on November 24, 2000.

               "RESOLVED, AS IT HEREBY RESOLVED, that the corporation maintains accounts (savings, current, time, etc.) with United Coconut Planters Bank (UCPB), Kalaw Branch, with the title  PHILIPPINE ASSOCIATION FOR TECHNOLOGICAL EDUCATION, INC., (PATE),"

       "That all withdrawals of funds shall bear the signatures of the President or the Vice-President and the Treasurer." 

          In behalf of the board members, Dean Olaño thanked  Ms. Falconit and the National University for hosting the board meeting and Christmas Party at the Philippine Columbian Association.  Dean Olaño likewise acknowledged the presence of  Mrs. Olaño,  Mrs. Ureta  and Engr. Garcia.  The meeting was adjourned at 1:50 p.m.

                   The board then proceeded with the Christmas exchange gifts.

       Prepared by:                        NOTED BY:

          Nini B. Quizon                              Dr. Servillano S. B. Olaño, Jr.. 
                                                          PATE President

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