• Membership in the Association shall be of three classes: Institutional, Associate Institutional, and Honorary.
  • Institutional members shall be educational institutions, private or public, offering complete, fully operational, government approved curricula leading to baccalaureate degrees in engineering.
  • Institutional members are entitled to vote during the elections for directors.
  • Associated Institutional membership shall be educational institutions, private or public, with government approved technological or engineering course offerings, but which do not qualify as institutional members.
  • As Associate Institutional member is not entitled to vote in the election for directors.
  • Honorary members shall be those distinguished individuals who have been involved in technological education for at least fifteen (15) years, and have contributed extensively to the cause of technological education, through activities such as development of policies and standards, development of curricular guidelines for engineering education, research, and publications. They will be chosen by two-thirds (2/3) vote of Board of Directors.
  • A defined political area (municipality, city, province, region) having at least five (5) institutional members, may put up a chapter of the Association within the area, provided however, that its By-Laws shall not conflict with those of the Association and subject further to the approval of the Board of Directors. Chapters with area overlapping with or within the area of an existing chapter may be formed only with the release of the area in question by the existing chapter.
  • Applications for membership shall be referred to a Membership Committee created by the Board of Directors. Candidates recommended by the Board of Directors. Candidates recommended by the Membership committee and approved by the majority of the Board of Directors present, become members after payment of the required dues.

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