Philippine Association for Technological Education (PATE),. Inc.
Minutes of the SEVENTH Monthly Meeting
PATE Board of Trustees for 2000-2002
Host:  University of Santo Tomas
España, Manila
26 February 2001

Members Present (9)                                                Members Unable to Attend (6)
Servillano S.B. Olaño, Jr. - (DLSU)                                 Walden S. Rio -  (CPU)
Juan C. Tallara, Jr.  - (PLM)                                          Carmencita E. Vidamo  - (UM)
Ma. Consuelo V. Flora - (MIT)                                       Genaro T. Marzan    - (UE)
Petronilo A. Ballesca  - (SLU)                                        Jessie A. Montalbo        - (PBMIT)
Carla P . Falconit  - (NU)                                              Luz G. Paca     - (USC)
Peter M. Ureta   - (AdU)                                               Antonio C. Sevillano, Jr. - (XU)
Edgardo G. Atanacio  - (UP) 
Marilyn C. Mabini  - (UST)  
Sonia C. Manalastas  - (TUP)

Guests:  Alberto A. Laurito  -  (UST)
              Joselito Panis  - (PLM)



     The meeting started with a prayer led by Dean Mabini.


     The meeting was called to order at 12:15 p.m.  Dean Olaño welcomed the guests, PATE former President,  Dr. Alberto A. Laurito and Mr. Joselito Panis of PLM.   Dean  Olaño, presiding officer declared that there was a quorum for transaction of business.


              Dean Olaño read the  tentative agenda and on motion made and seconded, the members approved the agenda.


             The body moved for the approval of the minutes of the last meeting held at the Central Board Room of the Central Philippine University,  after the corrections on:

 Line 5  :  to correct the spelling of  Iloilo City not Ilo-Ilo City
 Line 91 :  to correct the name of Dean Rio
 Line 93 :  to delete (s) in member
 Line 201 :  should  readů  Dean Falconit recommended the Angelo King International    Center of  DLSU as the venue instead of Manila Midtown Hotel. 
 Line 240 :   delete (s) in feedback
    Line 268-270 :   should read..  Dean Ballesca suggested that the President could draft the     letter of invitation for the schools and requests the regional directors to have these letters distributed to the schools in their areas.


5.1 Ms. Falconit will officially inform the West Visayas College of Science and Technology that they are officially accepted as PATE member.

5.2 PATE Journal
               Dean Olano presented to the body the draft of the PATE Journal.

5.3 FUSE Training
               Dean Ureta informed the body that the  FUSE Training is  on-going and the next schedule  at Adamson University will be moved one week after because Xavier will have their training in Physics on March 4-9.    The invitations will be sent by Adamson University and at least two participants per school will be invited.  In the event that there will be less schools that will participate, schools who want to send more participants  will be informed accordingly.

5.4 PATE Newsletter
                All the materials for the first issue of the newsletter will be sent to Dr. Mabini as soon as possible.  Dean Ureta was likewise requested  for inputs and updates from the TPETA.  The persons in-charged were reminded on their assignments.

5.5 PATE Directory
               Ms. Falconit presented to the body the sample format  of the PATE Directory.  After going through the format, it was suggested to include the degree programs instead of courses offered and not to include the schedule of tuition fees and the total number of faculty by rank.  After the changes have  been noted, Ms. Falconit shall prepare a sample  for a particular school to be used  as a  model.

5.6 Policies and Guidelines for PATE Travel Grants
                Since the discussion on this was not  finalized during the last  meeting, it will be kept open for discussion during the future meetings.  Dean Atanacio commented that if PATE will only support the registration fee of the applicant, it is possible to  change the heading of  'support to  travel grants'  because travel would also include airfare and accommodation.  For the meantime, Dean Olano mentioned that the guidelines can  already be implemented and there is already one person  applying.
5.7 On  the holding of international conference, it was suggested that the assistance of former PATE President Dr. Laurito will be tapped because of his  experience  in organizing an international conference.

5.8 The following schools were accepted as new members:  Central  Mindanao University, West Visayas College of Science and Technology and Samar State Polytechnic College

5.9 On the PATE endorsement for the nomination of Dr. Alabastro as DOST Secretary, Ms. Falconit mentioned that she did not prepare the endorsement letter  because,  she recalled that Malacanang has already announced the re-appointment of Dr. Uriarte as DOST Secretary at that time.  Then two weeks ago,  the resignation of Dr. Uriarte was accepted by President Arroyo.   Now that the post of DOST Secretary is vacant,  Dean Atanacio suggested to get in touch with DOST and find out whether there is already an appointment for DOST Secretary.   Dr. Laurito mentioned that the name of Dr. Alabastro was still in the shortlist submitted to Malacanang.  For the meantime, PATE can make the resolution/endorsement letter then find out from DOST if PATE can still submit the endorsement.  For the record, it was mentioned that DLSU, UP and AdU gave their endorsement letter for Dr. Alabastro.

5.10 Dr. Laurito mentioned that during the PICHE convention, Dr. Alabastro was asking for information on the progress of the PATE -MEP Consortium as it was thru the ESEP funds that the consortium started.  In view of this, it  was mentioned that the MEP Consortium committee  should already schedule their meetings under the chairmanship of  Dean Ureta.  Dean Flora said that the MOA for the extension of the consortium  was renewed and  signed during its meeting  at DLSU.  The possible agenda for the meeting are the Doctor of  Engineering program  and Paper Presentation of MEP graduates.


6.1 CHED-PRC Law
               Copies of the PRC Modernization Act of  2000 and  COCOPEA Position Paper on the Proposed PRC Modernization Act were provided to the body.  Under the said  PRC Modernization Act,  Section I  states that the State recognizes the important role of professionals in nation-building and towards this end promotes the sustained development  of a reservoir of professionals whose competence has been determined by honest and credible licensure examinations and whose standards of professional service and practice are internationally recognized and considered world class brought about by regulatory measures, programs and activities that foster professional growth and advancement.
                Dean Olaño mentioned  that it seemed that even one of the Commissioners was not agreeable to the PRC-CHED Law and that the monitoring of collegiate programs for engineering and those having board exams should be done by CHED and not PRC.  But a law has already been approved and the problem is whether it is possible for the academe not to follow the law.  Dean Tallara mentioned that the IRR is being adopted and due for signing by the former Commissioner Pobre on his last day of office but was not signed because the documents received  resistance/oppositions from different sectors who felt they were not consulted properly on this matter.

        After a lengthy exchange of ideas, Dean Olaño suggested to form a separate committee to study this and get more information and make recommendation to PATE and if deemed necessary come up with our own comments and resolution.  Since Dean Tallara was very knowledgeable on this matter, he was requested to update the Association on this matter.  

        Dean Ballesca also mentioned amount the 1998 ME Law for full implementation in 2003 whereby professional subjects are to be taught by professional  mechanical engineers.
6.2 Update on the General Membership Meeting
                The tentative date of the General Membership Meeting will be April 26, 27, & 28, 2001.  The meeting will be held at Saint Louis University in Baguio City.  The theme of the 2000 general membership meeting is "Addressing the Current Issues and Concerns  in Engineering Education."   The program would include  technical paper presentation so there will be some solicitation of technical papers and seminar/workshop on  engineering ethics, augmentation of faculty income, use of multi-media and industry needs.

 Dean Ballesca has reserved the Main Theater with a capacity of 600 persons.  He would like to be clarified if he would reserve other smaller rooms for parallel  sessions.   Dean Olaño said that the number of rooms would depend on the number of paper presentation and at the moment one room will be sufficient.   

 It was mentioned that PATE Constitution states that PATE should hold a general membership meeting and a  convention that will focus on the improvement and development of instruction.  In view of this, Dean Atanacio commented that papers submitted for this general membership meeting should be pre-screened to avoid paper presentation that are too technical.  According to Dean Ureta, the general membership meeting is intended to inform the PATE member schools on the current issues that affect engineering education.  The issue on the PRC-CHED Law, the PQA Award in the academe, networking and consortia  would be the  ideal topics for the meeting.

 Dean Laurito, however, reminded the body that ratification of Constitution and By-Laws is also being done during this membership meeting.

 Dean Olaño  will  draft the letter of invitation address to all member schools to  inform them about  the general membership meeting, the topics and to solicit their support and  participation.   The fee per participant is P1,500.00.   Then we will send again the details of the program one it is finalized or they will be advised to  check the web.  

 Dean Ureta mentioned that what is being practiced is that the  Directors will  be free of the  registration fee,  and the accommodation and travel to Baguio City will be shouldered by the Association.

 A special meeting of  Dean Olaño, Dean Tallara Dean Ureta and Dean Ballesca may be called upon to discuss the details and develop the program of the  forthcoming general membership meeting.

6.3 Update on the International Conference

                Dean Olaño expressed his apprehension to hold an international conference this early because it will require a lot of leg work, and organization.  This activity will need extra assistance or some support that might not be present with the Board. For these reasons,  Dr. Laurito was invited to the meeting to seek his advise on this matter.  According to him during his time, he was fortunate enough to get the commitment even of his office staff.  He said that there should be a test run by having a national conference to rehearse if it will work as planned.  He suggested that the  proposal to hold an international conference or a national convention may be presented  to the members during the general membership meeting in April.

       One of the recommendations is for Dr. Laurito to Chair the conference.  However, Dr. Laurito gracefully declined the offer because he was not sure of the work load that awaits him upon his return to UST in June.    He gave his commitment to help in planning until July and August.  At the moment,  he said that it is important to get commitment of foreign speakers.  In this light, Dean Ureta gave his  commitment to get one speaker from Thailand. 

         According to Dean Atanacio, the target date of Jan 2002 might be too short of time.  In view of this, it was agreed that the date will be Feb. 7, 8, 9, 2002.  The conference will be called the Second PATE International Conference (ICEE 2002).  The theme is "Global Trends in Engineering Education".  President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo will be invited to be the keynote speaker.  The registration fee for foreign participants will be US$300.00 and US$250.00 for early registration.  There will be exhibits of books and equipment to be facilitated by Dean Marzan.  The Angelo King International Center (DLSU) can be considered as one of the venues for housing the participants.


              Dean Ureta presented the financial report of the Sixth PATE Board Meeting held in Iloilo City.  He reiterated that whenever PATE goes to an out of town meetings, it is ideal to have an income generating seminar to compensate/recover the  expenses that may be incurred.  For the meeting at the University of San Carlos in Cebu City, it was suggested to hold a one day seminar on Management  Training for Deans.  The deans of  member schools will invited to attend.  Dean Olaño said that he will echo this suggestion to Dean Paca. 

        Dean Ureta likewise gave to the body copies of the annual membership fee payment as of Feb. 19, 2001 and list of  membership as of Feb. 26, 2001.  He recommended to the body that the schools with no payment made since 1995 be deleted from the list.  These schools are Central Luzon Polytechnic College, Foundation University-Dumaguete and Col. De San Lorenzo (Assoc. Member).


8.1 Dean Olaño mentioned about the 8th WCCEE  (World Congress in Continuing Engineering Education) on May 12 - 17 to be held at Sheraton Center in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  In this seminar, Dean Rio is applying for support for payment of registration fee in the amount of US$472.05 .  His paper entitled "Improving the Student Learning Process in the Philippines"  was already accepted and he has confirmed the presentation on May 15, 2001 at 12:20 p.m.  Dean Olaño said that in the letter of request of Dean Rio, he did not specify whether he is officially representing PATE or CPU.   He noted that the request conforms with the guidelines prepared by Dean Mabini but the budget will be another matter.   Dr. Laurito and Dean Ureta commented that if Dean Rio will be given the financial support, he should represent PATE to promote and give recognition to the Association.  Also, the Board commented that he should  be given the assignment to get commitments of  foreign speakers from Canada for the forthcoming international conference and  the materials solicited from the seminar will be submitted to PATE.  The comments were considered and  Dean Olaño will notify Dean Rio on the conditions of the Board that he will submit his paper abstract, represent PATE, give acknowledgement to PATE in his paper,  promote PATE and solicit foreign speakers and participants.

8.2 The Texas Instrument can be requested to sponsor either the food (lunch), or tokens for the speakers for the  general membership meeting in Baguio.

8.3 It was agreed that each member schools will be given one complimentary copy of the PATE Journal  and Certificate of Membership will also be distributed during the general membership meeting.


             In behalf of the board members, Dean Olaño thanked Dr. Mabini and the University of Santo Tomas for hosting the board meeting and lunch.  Dean Olaño likewise thanked Dr.   Laurito for his presence and in advising us on international conference and in sharing important information to the Board. 

 The next regular Board meeting  will be on March 30, 2001 at the University of the East c/o Dean Genaro Marzan.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:00 p.m.

Prepared by:

                                                   NOTED BY:            
          Nini B. Quizon                                   DR. SERVILLANO OLAÑO, JR.
                                                                 PATE President

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