Philippine Association for Technological Education (PATE), Inc.
Minutes of the FOURTH Monthly Meeting
PATE Board of Trustees for 2000-2002
Salon El Cid, Casino Español
Host:  Adamson University
November 24, 2000

Members Present (10)                            Members Unable to Attend (5)
Servillano S.B. Olaño, Jr. - (DLSU)                   Walden S. Rio  - (CPU)
Juan C. Tallara, Jr.  - (PLM)                           Carmencita E. Vidamo - (UM)
Ma. Consuelo V. Flora  - (MIT)                       Genaro T. Marzan - (UE)
Petronilo A. Ballesca  - (SLU)                         Luz G. Paca  - (USC)
Carla P. Falconit  - (UN)                                Antonio C. Sevillano, Jr.- (XU)
Peter M. Ureta   - (AdU)
   Eduardo Lindo  - (AdU)
Marilyn C. Mabini  - (UST)
Edgardo G. Atanacio  - (UP)
Sonia C. Manalastas  - (TUP)
Jessie A. Montalbo  - (PBMIT)



              The board meeting started with a prayer led by Dean Ureta.


              The meeting was called to order at 12:00 noon.  Ten of the fifteen board members were present.  Dean Olaño, the presiding officer declared that there was a quorum for the transaction of business.


             Dean Olaño read the proposed agenda and the body moved for its approval without any correction.


             The body moved for the approval of the minutes of the last meeting, after  the following corrections:

Line 72     Should read     "that" a comparative study…
Line 92     Should read     Dean Tallara informed "the body" that PATE…
Line 97     Should read     membership fees "for all brackets"…
Line 113   Change "IS"  to  "ISI"
Line 134   Should read  Through  Mr. R. Balog, Dean Mabini  recommended…. (then delete the name of Mr. R. Balog in line 133.)
Line 189   Should read   President  Vea toured the members of the board to the Computer  Center, Control Room, Seminar Room and the President's Office.

5.1 Pre-baccalaureate Program
                 Dean Ureta said that  PATE will be kept posted on the developments on the pre-baccalaureate program.

5.2 With regards to the proposed project to be funded  by ADB to train about 30,000 faculty towards a masters' degree beginning 2002 to 2010,  Dean Olaño, informed the body that  the CHED Technical Working Group has requested  DLSU-COE for estimates as to how many engineering graduate students it can accept during the duration of the program.  It seemed that  Fr. Nebres would like to include engineering in the project.   Dean Ureta confirmed this information and said that in the recent CHED TWG meeting, COE was already included and CHED wants to know the capacity of the schools to accept graduate students.

5.3 PATE Website
                         As to the PATE website, Dean Mabini  informed the body that according to Dean Laurito, PATE is a co-owner of the website and is allowed to make revisions.  In this light, Dean Olaño mentioned that he would like to fully update  the PATE files in the website to include among others  the past PATE presidents.  Dean Montalbo recommended that  it would be best for  PATE to get its own  domain so that every member will be able to access the web easily.  The fee is US$70 for two years.  The body approved the recommendation of Dean Montalbo and  requested  Dean Olaño to prepare the documents needed for the application of the domain.

                 It was also agreed by the board and as suggested by Dean Montalbo to create an e-group for PATE board so that each member of this group may be able to send messages to the entire group using just one e-mail address.  The creation of an e-group will keep this group informed of the PATE activities, meetings, events, etc.  and  it will facilitate interaction among the members.

5.4 Institutional Membership
                Dean Ureta distributed to the body copies of the list of membership and noted that Aklan College and Annunciation College were removed from the list  as agreed upon during the previous meetings.  Also after he was informed that Western Phil. College is the same as University of Batangas, he declared that officially PATE has now  109 members.   The Treasurer admitted that  PATE has been lenient in the collection of annual fees and some schools pay only  when they send participants to national conventions.  It was recommended to follow-up on these schools with delinquent payments.  The list showed that Central Luzon Polytechnic College (#15) ,  Colegio de San Lorenzo (#21),  Foundation University (#31) and Northwestern University (#56) are delinquent in their payments.  It was therefore recommended to send them reminders of their membership fees.

5.5 PATE Journal
                Dean Olano requested the concerned Deans to inform the faculty contributors to submit pictures and bibliographical sketch for the next issue of the PATE  Journal.  There are now 14 articles submitted for publication which the editorial board headed by Dr. Aida Velasco can review.

5.6 FUSE Training
                           Dean Ureta distributed to the body the schedule of the Seminar-Workshop  in Physics.  Invitations will be sent to the schools and it is expected that these schools will send participants.  He mentioned that as a requirement only those faculty  members  teaching physics in engineering should attend.  He mentioned two outcomes or expectations  from the  seminar:  (1)  to enhance the present method of teaching Physics I and  (2) to standardize the teaching of physics to engineering students all over the Philippines.  There will be a minimal seminar fee of  about P800.00 per participant.

5.7 PATE Newsletter
                 Dean Marzan was not around to report on the update of the  newsletter.  Dean Mabini will follow this up with him.

5.8 PATE Directory
                 Ms. Falconit  reported that  the format has already been drafted and the final form will be showed to the members in the next meeting.  It was recommended to include also the date of Government Recognition and some highlights e.g. PAASCU Accreditation,  ISO Accreditation, etc.

5.9 Dean Mabini informed the body that the Special Project Committee has not met to discuss the policies and guidelines related to the participation/support of PATE members in local and international conferences.

5.10 Dean Olaño reported that he communicated with Dean Rio regarding the change of schedule of the meeting and  informed the body that Dean Rio was agreeable  and was very willing to organize the seminar for PATE at CPU on Jan. 25, 26, & 27.  On this matter, Dean Olaño asked the members present who are joining the trip to CPU.  The members present responded favorably except for Dean Atanacio who will check his schedule first.  Those members in the state colleges have requested that Dean Olaño  should write officially to the school President  on this matter.


6.1 Proposal for an International Conference
                 Dean Tallara reported on what has been agreed upon during the Special Meeting called for this purpose held last Nov. 14 at DLSU.  Dean Olaño, Dr. Flora and himself were able to come up with the theme of the conference as " Global Networking for Quality Engineering Education".  The other members of the board felt that  the  theme will have limited options.  With this in mind, the board agreed to change the word 'networking'  to 'trends'.  Hence,  the board agreed that the  theme of the conference will be "Global Trends for Quality Engineering Education".  The Steering Committee was created and chaired by Dr. Olaño with the following as members:

 1.  Paper Screening/Review of Papers - Marilyn Mabini
 2.  Programme/Invitations/Souveniers - Juan Tallara, Jr.
 3.  Ways and Means   - Peter Ureta
 4.  Exhibits    - Genaro Marzan
 5.  Physical Arrangement  - Carla Falconit

6.2 Dean Ureta informed the board that TPETA is now working on the revision of policies and standards of engineering education.  A copy of the revisions will  be given to schools  for their  comments and  evaluation.


7.1 Engr. Montalbo expressed his concern on the possibility of  including the title of the project in the transcript of records of the graduates in the MEP  particularly for DLSU and UST (TUP is already doing this) .  Dean Olano expressed his apprehension on this, because  the schools  might have their own policies and  format of their  school documents like the transcript of records.   However, since MEP is a consortium,  Dean Ureta  will open this concern for  discussion in one of the consortium meetings.

7.2 The board members agreed  to change the date of next meeting and  PATE X'mas Party from Dec. 15 (Fri.) to Dec. 14 (Th.)  The meeting and Christmas Party will be hosted by the National University c/o Prof. C. Falconit to be held at the Philippine  Columbian.  The board members were requested to bring  a Christmas gift worth P200.00 (minimum) for the  exchange gift.

7.3 The  tentative agenda for the next meeting:

1. Update on International Conference
2. Plans for the Iloilo Activity
3. Special Projects
4. Committee Reports
5. Update on TPETA
6. Committee Reports
7. Exchange Gift

                       Dean Olaño thanked the members of the Board for their presence in the Board Meeting.  In behalf of the board members , Dean Olaño thanked Dean Ureta and Adamson University for the excellent, sumptuous lunch and perfect ambiance at Casino Español  and for hosting the Board meeting.  Special thanks also  to Engr. Eduardo Lindo for his presence and  assistance during the meeting.  The meeting was adjourned at 2:00 PM.

Prepared by:                            NOTED BY:
      Nini B. Quiz                              Dr. Servillano  S.B. Olaño, Jr.
                                                    PATE President