Philippine Association for Technological Education (PATE), Inc.
Minutes of the THIRD Monthly Meeting
PATE Board of Trustees for 2000-2002
President's Conference Room
Host:  Mapua Institute of Technology
October 27, 2000

 Members Present (12)                                           Members Unable to Attend (3)
    Servillano S.B. Olano, Jr. - (DLSU)                            Petronilo A. Ballesca  - (SLU)
    Juan C. Tallara, Jr.  - (PLM)                                       Walden S. Rio   - (CPU)
    Ma. Consuelo V. Flora - (MIT)                                  Carmencita E. Vidamo - (UM)
    Carla P. Falconit  - (NU)
    Peter M. Ureta   - (AdU)
    Marilyn C. Mabini  - (UST)
             Represented by Ricardo S. Balong
   Genaro T. Marzan  - (UE)
   Edgardo C. Atanacio  - (UP)
   Dean Sonia C. Manalastas - (TUP)
   Jessie A. Montalbo  - (PBMIT)
           Represented by Myrna A. Coliat
   Luz G. Paca   - (USC)
   Antonio C. Sevillano, Jr. - (XU)
           Represented by Joy A. Mabaylan

        Dr. Reynaldo B. Vea  - (MIT)


             The board meeting started with a prayer led by Dean Paca.


              The meeting was called to order at 12:20 p.m.  Nine of the fifteen board members were present, and three were represented.  Dean Olano, the presiding officer declared that there was a quorum for transaction of business.  He also extended to Dr. Vea the invitation to join the board meeting.


              Dean Olano read the proposed agenda and the body moved for its approval without any correction.


              The minutes of the September 29, 2000 meeting were approved as presented.


5.1 Presentation by NAPOCOR

        MIT sent ten participants to CEPSI 2000.  Other schools were not able to send participants.  Some faculty members and students of DLSU went to view the exhibits.

5.2 Pre-baccalaureate Program
                   Dean Ureta showed a comparison of the educational system in terms of number of years of schooling of Thailand and the Philippines.  Thailand has 16 years while the Philippines currently has 15 years  and the proposed 16 years.  According to him, the discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of adding another year to basic schooling continues.  The discussion include the issue on where the additional year should be added.  Dean Ureta also mentioned that if we add another year, the concern of the parents because of the added financial burden to the family should likewise be considered.  The offering of 6 years engineering is being piloted at the Central Philippine University.

                   Dr. Vea gave his observation on the topic of the pre-baccalaureate system.  He stated that in this country there is an inadequate preparation of our high school graduates and lack of readiness for college studies. There are certain issues to be resolved pertaining to the Philippine school system and unless these are resolved schools will be going in different directions.  Dr. Flora recommended that a comparative study be done on the Phil. educational system compared to other  countries based on the curriculum and minimum and maximum number  of units being taken per semester by a student.  It was also observed by the body that most courses lack units in Mathematics.  In light of this observation, the body recommended also the revision of policies and standards of engineering education.

                  Dean Atanacio mentioned the project to be funded by ADB  to train about 30,000 faculty towards a masters degree in a span of five to ten years.  The  priority areas for masters degrees are  English, Mathematics, History, Information Technology, Chemistry and Physics. The objective of the project is to enhance faculty development program of the country.  Those interested should get in touch with Fr. Nebres.

5.3 PATE Website
                    We have not received reply from UST on the transfer of website to DLSU.  Dean Atanacio mentioned that the present PATE website was the  initiative of former president Dean Laurito and the transfer of website can be done but with proper acknowledgment given to UST.  We will confim again with UST on this matter next meeting.

      5.4   Report on PQA
                    Dean Olano acknowledges Dean Tallara for representing PATE to the Phil. Quality Award last Oct. 2.  Dean Tallara  informed the body that PATE is a member of PQA.

5.4 Membership Application
                   The board approved the Membership Application Form.

                    The board approved the increase of the annual membership fees brackets  by P500.00 effective SY 2001-2002.  The Chairman of the Membership Committee will take care of sending letters to schools to remind them  of their membership and or reactivation fees.

                    Dean Ureta said that the schools listed  as inactive need further verification  e.g.  Aklan College  is no longer offering engineering courses.  The Treasurer and the Secretary were requested to further verify the records, if possible,  with CHED on the addresses and status of  the schools listed as inactive.

5.5 Update on PATE Journal
                   Dean Olano showed the status of the papers for publication to the PATE Journal  (2nd issue).
                   The board acknowledges receiving MAPUA Research Journal (Vol. 1 & 2).

                   Dean  Atanacio mentioned that CHED will soon regulate the publication of national journals.  They will design and prepare  the  accreditation scheme for this purpose.  For international journals, school should to apply with ISI.  CHED will only accredit refereed journals.

5.6 IE  and ME Conferences
                   The IE Dept. of DLSU requested for  assistance from PATE only in terms of dissemination of  information about the conference and participation in the plenary sessions.  Dean Tallara and Dean Olaño will represent PATE to the  2nd ME Student Conference on Nov. 17-18, 2000 at DLSU-Manila.

5.7 Update on Engineering Information
                   Dean Olano informed the body that DLSU has not received reply from PCIERD on the  request for extension of assistance for engineering information village.


6.1 Update on FUSE Training
                    The first training will be held in Iloilo in January.  Dean Ureta informed the body that the Orientation of the Trainors was completed.  These trainors will handle the teaching of physics to the faculty participants using  tapes produced by FUSE.

6.2 PATE Newsletter
      Through Mr. R. Balong , Dean Mabini recommended  Dean Marzan to be the editor-in-chief of the PATE Newsletter and the board approved her recommendation.  The possible content of the First Issue of the Newsletter are the following:   PATE Convention in Cebu,  New Set of Officers, Two Year Plan of the New Board, Dean Laurito's Visit to Italy, PATE Journal (1st & 2nd issue), and International Millennial Conference in Engineering Education.  The newsletter is expected to be released in February 2001.

      Dean Marzan accepted the editorship.

6.3 PATE Directory
                  After a brief discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of  developing a PATE directory of members,  the board finally agreed to go ahead with the project.  It will be a  major project of the Documentation Committee chaired by Ms. Falconit.  Some sensitive issues like the faculty-student ratio will not be part of the directory.

6.4 Participation of PATE in Conferences
                   It was the consensus of the body that in order to maintain uniformity and fairness in granting support to conferences, the Special Projects Committee  was designated to formulate polices and guidelines for this purpose.

6.5 Plans for Faculty Development Program
                    For the next meeting which will be held in Iloilo City,  there was  a plan to hold aside from the regular monthly board meeting, a seminar on the Development of Instructional Materials.  However, because of time constraint and since  some of the  board members will not be able to attend the meeting, (Ms. Paca will be in Davao during that time for a lecture on Preparation of Research Proposal and How to Conduct Scientific Research), the board decided to hold the November meeting at Adamson University c/o Dean Ureta and re-schedule the meeting at CPU c/o Dean Rio  on  January  25, 26, 27,  2001.  Some of the possible topics for the seminar at CPU are:
       Management Seminar for Deans and Department Chairs
       Information Systems
       New Development for Instruction
       Stress Management
       Values and Ethics (tie-up with Engineering) - (possible speaker is Dr. Jocano of UP-Diliman)

                   Dean Olano will inform Dean Rio on these developments.

                    A special committee was created to plan the international conference to be held sometime in July 2002. The members of the committee to plan the details of the international conference are the following:  Dr. Ureta,  Dean Paca, Dr. Mabini,  Prof. Falconit, Dean Marzan, Dr. Flora, Dean Tallara and Dr. Olano.  The initial meeting will be held at DLSU on Nov. 14, lunch time.
                    An idea came up to hold a combined national and international conference. After exploring on the possibilities,  it  was not favorably endorsed by the body.

                    Dean Olano appreciated the presence of Dr. Vea during the meeting and in behalf of the Board thanked Dr. Flora and the Mapua Institute of Technology for hosting the Third PATE Board meeting and the sumptuous lunch.

                    The next regular Board meeting was scheduled on  24 Nov. 2000 to be hosted by the Adamson University c/o Dean Ureta.

         The meeting was adjourned at 2:45 p.m.  President  Vea toured the members of the Board to the  school's  Control Room, Seminar Room, Computer Center and President's Office.

Prepared by:

Nini B. Quizon     NOTED BY:

Dr. Servillano  S. B.  Olaño, Jr.