Philippine Association for Technological Education (PATE), Inc.
Minutes of the SECOND Monthly Meeting
PATE Board of Trustees for 2000-2002
President's Office Board Room
Host:  Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila
September 29, 2000

Members Present (10)                                         Members Unable to Attend (5)
  Servillano S. B. Olaño, Jr.  - (DLSU)                         Petronilo A. Ballesca  - (SLU)
  Juan C. Tallara, Jr.  - (PLM)                                      Walden S. Rio   - (CPU)
  Ma. Consuelo V. Flora  - (MIT)                                 Carmencita E. Vidamo  - (UM)
  Carla P. Falconit   - (NU)                                           Luz G. Paca   - (USC)
  Peter M. Ureta   - (AdU)                                            Antonio C. Sevillano, Jr.  - (XU)
        Represented by Eduardo .S. Lindo
  Marilyn C. Mabini  - (UST)
  Genaro T. Marzan  - (UE)
  Edgardo G. Atanacio  - (UP)
       Represented by Jonathan Salvacion
  Sonia C. Manalastas  - (TUP)
  Jessie A. Montalbo  - (PBMIT)
       Represented by Tirso A. Ronquillo

    Armando L. Diaz   - NAPOCOR
    Rowena  P. Madrideo  - NAPOCOR



               The board meeting started with a prayer led by Assistant Dean Lindo.


                The meeting was called to order at 12:15 p.m.  Seven of the fifteen board members were present, and three were represented.  Dean Olano, the presiding officer, called the names of each of the members present and declared that there was a quorum for transaction of business.


- Minutes of Sept. 1, 2000 meeting
- Members in PATE Committees
- Approved  Schedule of Meetings of the Board
- Revised Proposed Activities of PATE
- Information on Membership Application
- PATE List of Members
- Conferences
- Papers for Publication for the PATE Journal


               Mr. Armando Diaz of NAPOCOR  presented to the body the 13th  Conference of the Electric Power Supply Industry or CEPSI 2000 to be held in Manila on October 23-27, 2000.  The highlights of the conference will be the technical sessions and the exhibitions. The theme of the conference is "Powering the New Millenium: Technology, People and Development".  An estimated total of 350 technical papers are scheduled for presentation in five days.  There will be simultaneous technical sessions and paper presentations.  There will be technical visits of the following sites outside Metro Manila:  Mak-Ban Geothermal Plant, Limay Bataan Power Plant,  Manolo Lopez Development Center in Antipolo - with  world class training and development facility, and Batangas Coal-Fired Thermal Power Plant.  This conference has been going on for the past 30 years and the last time that  the Philippines hosted  the conference  was in 1984.     A special  seminar rate of P10,000.00 per delegate will be  provided for those in the academe.  With the reduced price, Mr. Diaz expects the members of PATE to support the  conference by sending at least two delegates per school.  Selected students will be invited to view the exhibits on the last day.

              There were also requests for official communications especially for State Colleges requiring documents for  funding.  Dean Olano expressed his appreciation for the effort extended by NAPOCOR to reduce the price, although it is still high for academic institutions.  The members of the board were encouraged to send some faculty participants considering this is an important international scientific conference.


               The Board moved for the approval of the proposed agenda.


               The body moved for the approval of the minutes of the last meeting with the correction on:

6.1 line 34 change P.M. to A.M.


7.1  Line 121   The President has already written to Colegio San Agustin about their application for membership.  We are awaiting for their reply.
7..2  Line 110       Colegio San Agustin in Iloilo is a different school from University of San Agustin in Bacolod.
        7.3   For correction purposes,  Dean Manalastas mentioned that  TUP is in Manila, not in Quezon City as listed in the revised schedule of meetings of the board.
        7.4  Item 9.1  With regard to the addresses of the professional organizations, Dean Olano will seek the assistance of UST and PRC on this matter.
7.5 With regard to the pre-baccalaureate program, the body agreed that PATE at this time will not make a  proactive move but will wait for Dean Ureta to update PATE on this matter.  We are on a wait and see status on this matter.
       7.6    On PATE website, the President is considering putting the website at DLSU since the present website is at UST and it is copyright/authored by a  web team from UST.  Dean Olano stressed the importance of a website for announcements and networking both national and international.


8.1 Plans of the Working  Committee

                        The  Special Projects Committee will ensure a regular publication ( twice a year)   of the PATE Newsletter.   It is expected that the next issue of the newsletter will be out by the second semester.

                        The  Documentation Committee will develop a complete directory of  member schools.   Initially, funding for this will come from PATE.

                        The  Quality and Productivity Committee will align plans of the Association  with the government plans.  Dean Tallara will be representing PATE  to the Phil. Quality Award to be held on Oct. 2, 2000 at Mandarin Oriental Hotel.  The activity is  sponsored by the Department of Trade and Industry.  The participant's fee of P500.00 will be shouldered by PATE.

                         The form to be used for Membership Application was discussed briefly.  It was recommended  that schedules of fees and date of recognition be included in the form.

                           Dean Mabini was tasked to ask permission from either the UST web team  or the UST Engineering web team if the PATE webpage can be modified, amended and transferred to DLSU, although Dean Laurito has verbally  permitted the transfer to DLSU.  Dean Mabini said that she will consult with the Computer Center of UST on this matter.

                            Dean Olano mentioned that Dr. Velasco (DLSU) is the editor-in-chief of the PATE Journal.  The target date of the second issue of the PATE Journal is in December.  The status of the papers for publication  for the
second issue of the PATE Journal was shown to the body.  The Deans were requested to assist in following up the papers of their respective faculty members.

8.2 Membership Application of Colegio de San Agustin (Bacolod)

                            The application for membership was  endorsed by Dean Rio and officially approved by the body.  Record showed that they have already paid their membership dues for SY 2000-2001.

8.3 Updating of Membership List

                              The President presented to body the list of members as of  Y2000 indicating the status of 'inactive'  for those schools with no payment made since 1995.  It was recommended to send letters of collection to these schools to remind them of their membership dues.  After due notice was given and still no reply, it was suggested to drop or remove them from the list and  an official letter or notice of dropping from the list  be sent to them  stating certain provisions in the PATE Constitution and By-Laws to this effect.  Palawan State College and Palawan Polytechnic Colleges will be sent letters reminding them on their membership dues while Northwestern University will be sent collection letter.    Gregorio Araneta University Foundation will be sent official letter of dropping from the membership list.  Central Luzon Polytechnic College, Aldersgate College and Aklan College will need further verification of their addresses.

8.4 Conferences  in I.E. and M.E.

                                The President informed the body that the IE and ME departments of DLSU  are requesting  PATE to  assist in the implementation of their conference by contributing some funds and assisting in the solicitation of  papers for the conference.  The members of the board welcomed the participation of the Association, however, it was recommended that approval for financial assistance be discussed further during the forthcoming  board meetings.

9. Other Matters

9.1 Engineering Information Village

                       There was a lengthly discussion on the EI subscription which will end on Sept. 30, 2000.  Although many school find it  useful,  they  could not afford to renew their subscription since after this date the schools will pay for their own subscription.  DLSU  has submitted a proposal to  PCIERD to continue the assistance for another 5 years.

10. Dean Olano extended the Board's appreciation and thanks to Dean Tallara and PLM for a sumptuous lunch and for hosting the Second PATE Board Meeting.  The next meeting of the Board will be on October 27, 2000, Friday, to be hosted by Dean Ma.  Consuelo V. Flora, at Mapua Institute of Technology.

11. For the next meeting, following were the tentative agenda:
11.1   Progress Report by  Working Committees
            - Special Project -   PATE  Newsletter (c/o Dean Mabini)
            - Documentation -  PATE  Directory (c/o Prof. Falconit)
            - Website             -  PATE  Webpage (c/o Dean Montalbo)
11.2   Participation  of PATE in conferences
11.3   Plans for Faculty Development Program
               - Development of Instructional Materials - OHP, Powerpoint, Multimedia
11.4    Update on the FUSE Training - Teaching of Physics to College Students
11.5    Other Matters

12. The meeting was finally adjourned at 3:00 P.M.

Prepared by:

Nini B. Quizon
       NOTED BY:

       PATE President