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Project Proposals

The Inter-Institutional Consortium (I-IC) accepts project proposals whose goals and objectives meet those of the Consortium as well as the priority areas of the funding agencies, particularly the United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia. Each committee is entitled to only one project each year. However, simultaneous projects may still be allowed if supported by valid reasons.

The project proposals are first presented to the Council of Liaisons for endorsement to the Board of Responsibles, which in turn gives the final internal approval. The I-IC then prepares the final proposal based on the specifications of the United Board or other funding agencies.

The I-IC sets a timetable for the submission of project proposals for United Board’s funding. All funding proposals should be with the I-IC office by October 1 for final processing. As required by the United Board, all project proposals should reach the funding agency by November 30.

Schedule for Submission of Project Proposals

The following is the schedule for the submission of project proposals to the I-IC office:

June-August - preparation of project proposals by the committees
September - presentation to the Council of Liaisons and Board of Responsibles for approval
October - submission to the I-IC office for final processing and submission to the United Board

Project Proposal Outline

The following is the suggested format for proposals:

  1. Name of the institution submitting the proposal
  2. School year for proposal implementation
  3. Title of the proposal (three to ten words)
  4. Abstract or short summary of the proposal
  5. Contact person and contact information (address, telephone, fax, e-mail)
  6. Background and rationale
  7. Goals and objectives, including expected outcomes
  8. Description of participants and intended activities
  9. Stages of project and time frame; Process to be used for evaluation at each stage
  10. Provision for continuity of program after the grant is depleted
  11. Detailed itemized budget (reasonable estimates; not to include items pertaining to buildings, furniture, equipment, salaries, overhead, miscellaneous, or contingency costs)
  12. Components of project and amounts of support requested
  13. Other source(s) of funding which have been obtained or are being sought

Project Reports

All projects are expected to be completed by March. A report is due for each project conducted. An updated annual report is expected in the case of multi-year projects. Project reports should be prepared and submitted to the I-IC office on or before March 15 following the suggested format:

  1. Name of the institution submitting the report
  2. School year during which the project was implemented
  3. Title of the project (should be consistent with the proposal title)
  4. Abstract or short summary of the report
  5. Contact person for the report
  6. Description of the activities and participants (including problems encountered and solutions attempted)
  7. Extent to which goals and objectives were achieved (including qualitative and quantitative evaluations)
  8. Overall impact of the project and future implications
  9. Financial report (preferably audited, accounting in some detail for the use of the grant money, and indicating the amount of any balance left)



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